Ambiguous Words

Here's a bunch of words that, free of any other context, have a LOT of meanings. Because of this flexibility, they can be instrumental in titles for your songs, poems, stories, and jokes.

Click on each word to delve deeper into these words' meanings. The most flexible words are at the top of the list.

In other words, we cut you a break by breaking the breaks on "break" and a bunch of other ambiguous words, without taking a break!

75 meanings break 70 meanings cut 57 meanings run 52 meanings play 51 meanings make 48 meanings light 45 meanings clear, draw, give, hold, set 44 meanings fall, take 42 meanings head, pass 41 meanings call, carry 40 meanings charge, point 39 meanings catch 38 meanings check, turn 37 meanings close, get, right 36 meanings cover, lift, line, open 35 meanings go 34 meanings beat, drive, work 33 meanings roll 32 meanings drop, place 31 meanings clean, lead, raise 30 meanings base, blow, heavy, mark 29 meanings return 28 meanings back, block, strike 27 meanings good, rise, stock, touch 26 meanings down, slip, snap 25 meanings keep, round, see, sound, square, stick, white 24 meanings crack, direct, flat, follow, order, pull, stand 23 meanings center, dip, form, ground, hit, pitch, post, press, settle, shift, short, spread, twist 22 meanings black, case, come, deal, face, free, hard, pack, pound, release, shoot, start, stop, support, swing, top, well 21 meanings dead, deep, develop, double, dress, field, fire, hot, jump, key, last, move, pick, step, straight, wash 20 meanings advance, burn, cast, change, control, discharge, fly, have, hook, reduce, sign, soft, spot, strain, stretch, tap, throw 19 meanings bar, break up, dry, dull, flash, level, live, part, pop, rule, separate, strip 18 meanings address, bank, crash, end, figure, find, flip, flush, force, frame, hang, high, kill, land, loose, match, number, piece, position, present, quarter, rack, rest, rough, scale, score, service, shell, shot, solid, split, stamp, still, tender, tie 17 meanings active, bad, big, bound, drag, drift, exchange, extend, fair, feel, fix, home, job, leave, out, puff, range, register, regular, scratch, shock, slack, spike, squeeze, string, take in, train, trim, upset, walk, wild, yield 16 meanings balance, blast, blue, bolt, choke, cold, cross, crown, do, first, fit, float, foul, fret, hack, hand, issue, low, mean, model, offer, pick up, plate, ride, rush, seat, serve, show, smash, stay, stone, stroke, study, sweet, tight, track, waste 15 meanings act, air, answer, attack, band, bear, book, brush, bull, dark, easy, escape, fast, finish, flare, grain, grant, gray, hunt, lock, loop, master, name, pin, push, rail, represent, review, ring, root, screen, seal, second, section, set up, shake, sharp, sweep, time, tone, transfer, true, wind 14 meanings account, approach, away, bag, be, bond, bow, chip, cloud, color, colour, corner, court, design, die, draft, even, firm, flow, foot, freeze, game, green, guard, heave, house, hurt, jack, kick, life, load, look, march, mold, nose, opening, outside, pit, plug, port, project, raw, render, reverse, secret, shade, shaft, side, stall, stuff, subject, switch, take out, think, tip, trace, up, wave, young 13 meanings ball, bare, beam, bed, better, bill, bite, board, box, brace, broken, c, card, condition, counter, course, credit, cutting, dig, dirty, express, fresh, front, full, gain, grade, grey, hall, joint, link, major, man, mate, measure, medium, meet, mind, mount, natural, note, patch, pole, positive, process, quiet, rank, reach, real, receive, report, rich, sack, seed, sink, small, spare, spin, splash, superior, take up, taste, test, thick, thin, thrust, tumble, union, use, view, visit, voice, watch, way, wrong 12 meanings action, average, bang, bend, bitter, bob, body, bottom, bowl, bridge, build, burst, butt, camp, chain, collar, come up, command, commission, contract, convert, cool, correct, count, crop, crush, cry, dash, date, defense, deliver, deposit, dissolve, division, dock, extension, feed, flag, flick, flight, floor, focus, fold, forward, give up, glass, glow, help, hitch, horn, just, know, long, minor, miss, negative, net, passing, pay, picture, pinch, prime, proof, puddle, queen, read, recall, record, ruffle, ruin, save, say, shadow, silver, skin, smack, smooth, star, style, tack, tease, thing, title, tough, trade, trap, trip, trust, turn out, warm, weak, wear, wing, withdraw 11 meanings accept, ace, aim, begin, bell, bind, bit, bright, bring, cap, capital, capture, care, carrier, centre, channel, chop, circle, claim, click, clinch, clip, club, collapse, come out, compound, concentrate, connect, contact, core, crab, cup, cycle, decline, defence, demand, exercise, fail, false, fill, flap, flux, gather, gauge, get off, grass, grind, guide, heat, heel, hood, host, ice, image, intimate, irregular, jackson, jam, jerk, knock, lap, large, late, like, liquid, mass, mat, material, mature, mould, mouth, movement, new, notice, obscure, offset, operation, opposite, pad, pall, pile, plain, plaster, pocket, pool, power, prick, print, pump, question, radical, rag, rat, rear, reference, relief, relieve, reserve, resistance, resolution, retire, retreat, ridge, rig, running, secure, shape, shine, shower, slick, slow, so, soak, sour, source, spoil, spring, standard, state, stiff, stir, suffer, swallow, swell, tail, talk, transport, troll, trouble, upgrade, value, variation, wheel, whip, whistle, wide, wilson, word 10 meanings allow, alternate, apply, around, badly, bat, bay, belt, bid, blaze, blind, boom, border, bounce, brand, bust, canvass, cat, character, clap, clutch, combine, common, compact, company, complete, concord, content, continue, cradle, crank, curve, day, depression, digest, dim, distribute, divine, drink, dump, edge, edward, empty, engage, explode, expose, exposure, extract, factor, far, fine, flood, fox, function, general, gentle, grace, grand, grip, gross, grow, gum, hammer, heart, hole, idle, inactive, indifferent, inside, interest, introduce, james, king, knot, labor, lean, left, lie, little, living, lodge, lose, lost, love, maintain, make out, mantle, moderate, nail, narrow, pace, paddle, panel, passage, pattern, peg, perch, plant, plunge, poke, pot, practice, program, projection, purge, put, put on, put out, race, radiate, rally, rap, ray, regard, regenerate, representation, romance, runner, scene, school, scrape, screw, share, sheet, single, sit, skim, slice, slide, slug, smell, smith, smoke, softness, space, spat, special, speed, spell, spill, spiral, spur, stage, stake, steady, stem, sting, stream, strong, submit, suit, sure, surface, tag, tongue, tramp, translate, tread, treat, try, under, undercut, vote, water, waver, weight, west, wish, yoke, zero

So now you're probably wondering "what words are VERY specific?" We have a list for that!

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