• Not thin
    Of a specific thickness or of relatively great extent from one surface to the opposite usually in the smallest of the three solid dimensions (synset 302419189)
  • Relatively dense in consistency (synset 302424186)
  • The location of something surrounded by other things (synset 108606254)
  • With a thick consistency (synset 400480171)
  • In quick succession (synset 400479093)
  • Having component parts closely crowded together (synset 300541229)
  • Spoken as if with a thick tongue (synset 301340267)
  • Having a short and solid form or stature (synset 302395981)
  • Hard to pass through because of dense growth (synset 301776384)
  • (of darkness) densely dark (synset 301517859)
  • (used informally) associated on close terms (synset 300454147)
  • (used informally) stupid (synset 300442219)
  • Abounding
    Having a lot of (synset 300015517)

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