1. Something that is read (synset 106602346)
    "the article was a very good read"
  1. Interpret something that is written or printed (synset 200626756)
    "read the advertisement"; "Have you read Salman Rushdie?"
  2. Have or contain a certain wording or form (synset 202736688)
    "The passage reads as follows"; "What does the law say?"
  3. Look at, interpret, and say out loud something that is written or printed (synset 200628065)
    "The King will read the proclamation at noon"
  4. Obtain data from magnetic tapes or other digital sources (synset 200629157)
    "This dictionary can be read by the computer"
  5. Interpret the significance of, as of palms, tea leaves, intestines, the sky;
    Also of human behavior (synset 200628728)
    "She read the sky and predicted rain"; "I can't read his strange behavior"; "The fortune teller read his fate in the crystal ball"
  6. Interpret something in a certain way;
    Convey a particular meaning or impression (synset 200626148)
    "I read this address as a satire"; "How should I take this message?"
  7. Be a student of a certain subject (synset 200601387)
    "She is reading for the bar exam"
  8. Indicate a certain reading;
    Of gauges and instruments (synset 200924838)
    "The thermometer showed thirteen degrees below zero"; "The gauge read `empty'"
  9. Audition for a stage role by reading parts of a role (synset 201722614)
    "He is auditioning for `Julius Caesar' at Stratford this year"
  10. To hear and understand (synset 200621911)
    "I read you loud and clear!"
  11. Make sense of a language (synset 200595247)
    "She understands French"; "Can you read Greek?"

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