• Take the place of or be parallel or equivalent to (synset 202705339)
  • Express indirectly by an image, form, or model
    Be a symbol (synset 200837915)
  • Be representative or typical for (synset 202547618)
  • Be a delegate or spokesperson for
    Represent somebody's interest or be a proxy or substitute for, as of politicians and office holders representing their constituents, or of a tenant representing other tenants in a housing dispute (synset 202547206)
  • Serve as a means of expressing something (synset 200990060)
  • Be characteristic of (synset 202729608)
  • Form or compose (synset 202626667)
  • Be the defense counsel for someone in a trial (synset 202587760)
  • Create an image or likeness of (synset 201690027)
  • Play a role or part (synset 201723161)
  • Perform (a play), especially on a stage (synset 201715304)
  • Describe or present, usually with respect to a particular quality (synset 200989377)
  • Point out or draw attention to in protest or remonstrance (synset 200827108)
  • Bring forward and present to the mind (synset 200775012)
  • To establish a mapping (of mathematical elements or sets) (synset 200381369)

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