1. A mechanical device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction (synset 104028192)
  2. The hollow muscular organ located behind the sternum and between the lungs;
    Its rhythmic contractions move the blood through the body (synset 105396148)
    "he stood still, his heart thumping wildly"
  3. A low-cut shoe without fastenings (synset 104028726)
  1. Operate like a pump;
    Move up and down, like a handle or a pedal (synset 201228248)
    "pump the gas pedal"
  2. Deliver forth (synset 201157773)
    "pump bullets into the dummy"
  3. Draw or pour with a pump (synset 201857296)
  4. Supply in great quantities (synset 202361109)
    "Pump money into a project"
  5. Flow intermittently (synset 202072252)
  6. Move up and down (synset 201857178)
    "The athlete pumps weights in the gym"
  7. Raise (gases or fluids) with a pump (synset 201857055)
  8. Question persistently (synset 200789719)
    "She pumped the witnesses for information"

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