• Power to direct or determine (synset 105203643)
  • A relation of constraint of one entity (thing or person or group) by another (synset 113849418)
  • (physiology) regulation or maintenance of a function or action or reflex etc (synset 100832109)
  • A standard against which other conditions can be compared in a scientific experiment (synset 105806577)
  • The activity of managing or exerting control over something (synset 100805278)
  • The state that exists when one person or group has power over another (synset 114465291)
  • Discipline in personal and social activities (synset 104890163)
  • Great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity (synset 105649804)
  • A mechanism that controls the operation of a machine (synset 103101611)
  • A spiritual agency that is assumed to assist the medium during a seance (synset 109527922)
  • The economic policy of controlling or limiting or curbing prices or wages etc. (synset 106669947)

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