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Slice and dice your way to the best rhymes.

 Rhyme On, Rhyme Off

Find rhymes for "love", "orange" and everything in between.


More than your standard dictionary entry; related words and hypernyms help you find the word you really wanted.

 Word Lists

Our random word lists help you fill in a blank, or get inspired.

 Rhyme Storm

This brainstorming tool has perhaps the most customizable rhyming dictionary you'll find. Solve difficult rhymes, creative new rhyme schemes, and seed your wordplay ideas.

 Word Tags

For word geeks only! Dive into the word-tagging data that's used for tools like our rhyming dictionary. It's kind of like flipping to a random page of a dictionary.

 Rhyme (ad)Venture!

If you have an Alexa-enabled device such as the Echo Dot, ask Alexa to "open Rhyme Venture". Rhyme Venture is an experimental rhyme-practice game, where your rhymes create "rhyme energy", which your sidekick watermelon uses to solve problems. Yeah.