1. (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth (synset 301651383)
    "young people"
  2. (of crops) harvested at an early stage of development;
    Before complete maturity (synset 300821577)
    "new potatoes"; "young corn"
  3. Suggestive of youth;
    Vigorous and fresh (synset 301654162)
    "he is young for his age"
  4. Being in its early stage (synset 301647922)
    "a young industry"; "the day is still young"
  5. Not tried or tested by experience (synset 300941001)
    "unseasoned artillery volunteers"; "still untested in battle"; "an illustrator untried in mural painting"; "a young hand at plowing"
  1. Any immature animal (synset 101324070)
  2. United States film and television actress (1913-2000) (synset 111424276)
  3. United States civil rights leader (1921-1971) (synset 111424136)
  4. British physicist and Egyptologist;
    He revived the wave theory of light and proposed a three-component theory of color vision;
    He also played an important role in deciphering the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone (1773-1829) (synset 111423824)
  5. United States jazz tenor saxophonist (1909-1959) (synset 111423688)
  6. English poet (1683-1765) (synset 111423596)
  7. United States baseball player and famous pitcher (1867-1955) (synset 111423452)
  8. United States religious leader of the Mormon Church after the assassination of Joseph Smith;
    He led the Mormon exodus from Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah (1801-1877) (synset 111423216)
  9. Young people collectively (synset 107960326)
    "rock music appeals to the young"; "youth everywhere rises in revolt"

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