• A mental state characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity (synset 114427564)
  • A long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment (synset 114512697)
  • A sunken or depressed geological formation (synset 109388914)
  • Sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy (synset 107552873)
  • A period during the 1930s when there was a worldwide economic depression and mass unemployment (synset 115319454)
  • An air mass of lower pressure
    Often brings precipitation (synset 114544431)
  • A state of depression and anhedonia so severe as to require clinical intervention (synset 114412645)
  • A concavity in a surface produced by pressing (synset 113919062)
  • Angular distance below the horizon (especially of a celestial object) (synset 113858914)
  • Pushing down (synset 100113494)

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