• Being or made softer or less loud or clear (synset 301457764)
  • So lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness (synset 301348155)
  • (of color) very low in saturation
    Highly diluted (synset 300395053)
  • Slow to learn or understand
    Lacking intellectual acuity (synset 300442596)
  • (of business) not active or brisk (synset 300037111)
  • Blunted in responsiveness or sensibility (synset 302114914)
  • Not clear and resonant
    Sounding as if striking with or against something relatively soft (synset 302018718)
  • Darkened with overcast (synset 300464282)
  • Make dull in appearance (synset 201248885)
  • Become dull or lusterless in appearance
    Lose shine or brightness (synset 200392673)
  • Deaden (a sound or noise), especially by wrapping (synset 202195757)
  • Make numb or insensitive (synset 202119756)
  • Make dull or blunt (synset 201249008)
  • Become less interesting or attractive (synset 200539279)
  • Make less lively or vigorous (synset 200392374)

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