• A wooden pin pushed or driven into a surface (synset 103911659)
  • Small markers inserted into a surface to mark scores or define locations etc. (synset 107286496)
  • Informal terms for the leg (synset 105569340)
  • A prosthesis that replaces a missing leg (synset 103912225)
  • Regulator that can be turned to regulate the pitch of the strings of a stringed instrument (synset 103912066)
  • A holder attached to the gunwale of a boat that holds the oar in place and acts as a fulcrum for rowing (synset 103911849)
  • Succeed in obtaining a position (synset 202530563)
  • Pierce with a wooden pin or knock or thrust a wooden pin into (synset 201444822)
  • Fasten or secure with a wooden pin (synset 201342965)
  • Stabilize (the price of a commodity or an exchange rate) by legislation or market operations (synset 200272000)

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