1. The heading or position of a vessel relative to the trim of its sails (synset 108698822)
  2. A short nail with a sharp point and a large head (synset 104390217)
  3. Gear for a horse (synset 104302219)
  4. (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind (synset 104195411)
  5. (nautical) the act of changing tack (synset 100352160)
  6. Sailing a zigzag course (synset 100315221)
  1. Fasten with tacks (synset 201360132)
    "tack the notice on the board"
  2. Turn into the wind (synset 201950267)
    "The sailors decided to tack the boat"; "The boat tacked"
  3. Create by putting components or members together (synset 201660471)
    "She pieced a quilt"; "He tacked together some verses"; "They set up a committee"
  4. Sew together loosely, with large stitches (synset 201334030)
    "baste a hem"
  5. Fix to;
    Attach (synset 201331195)
    "append a charm to the necklace"
  6. Reverse (a direction, attitude, or course of action) (synset 200121486)

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