1. A natural number that has exactly two distinct natural number divisors: 1 and itself (synset 113615208)
  2. The period of greatest prosperity or productivity (synset 115320288)
  3. The second canonical hour;
    About 6 a.m. (synset 115254580)
  4. The time of maturity when power and vigor are greatest (synset 115177369)
  1. First in rank or degree (synset 301016587)
    "an architect of premier rank"; "the prime minister"
  2. Used of the first or originating agent (synset 301016768)
    "prime mover"
  3. Of superior grade (synset 302351005)
    "choice wines"; "prime beef"; "prize carnations"; "quality paper"; "select peaches"
  4. Of or relating to or being an integer that cannot be factored into other integers (synset 303023717)
    "prime number"
  5. Being at the best stage of development (synset 301492920)
    "our manhood's prime vigor"
  1. Insert a primer into (a gun, mine, or charge) preparatory to detonation or firing (synset 200409549)
    "prime a cannon"; "prime a mine"
  2. Cover with a primer;
    Apply a primer to (synset 201368058)
  3. Fill with priming liquid (synset 200454973)
    "prime a car engine"

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