• Temporary living quarters specially built by the army for soldiers (synset 102948281)
  • A group of people living together in a camp (synset 108495029)
  • Temporary lodgings in the country for travelers or vacationers (synset 102948616)
  • An exclusive circle of people with a common purpose (synset 108257554)
  • A penal institution (often for forced labor) (synset 102948834)
  • Something that is considered amusing not because of its originality but because of its unoriginality (synset 105657805)
  • Shelter for persons displaced by war or political oppression or for religious beliefs (synset 102949268)
  • A site where care and activities are provided for children during the summer months (synset 102949049)
  • Providing sophisticated amusement by virtue of having artificially (and vulgarly) mannered or banal or sentimental qualities (synset 302403054)

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