By Category

By Part of Speech

adjectives: all adjective clusters / participial / relational (pertainyms)

adverbs: all

nouns: acts or actions / animals / attributes of people and objects / body parts / cognitive processes and contents / communicative processes and contents / feelings and emotions / foods and drinks / goals / groupings of people or objects / man-made objects / natural events / natural objects (not man-made) / natural phenomena / natural proesses / people / plants / possession and transfer of possession / quantities and units of measure / spatial position / stable states of affairs / substances / time and temporal relations / two and three dimensional shapes

verbs: being, having, spatial relations / buying, selling, owning / eating and drinking / feeling / fighting, athletic activities / grooming, dressing and bodily care / political and social activities and events / raining, snowing, thawing, thundering / seeing, hearing, feeling / sewing, baking, painting, performing / size, temperature change, intensifying, etc. / telling, asking, ordering, singing / thinking, judging, analyzing, doubting / touching, hitting, tying, digging / walking, flying, swimming

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