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ab, ad, adds, ads, ain, am, an, ane, ang, ann, anne, anne's, ant, aunt, bad, bag, ban, bands, bang, bank, banned, blanc, blanche, bland, blank, brag, bran, branch, brand, brandt, cab, cad, caen, cam, camp, can, canned, cans, canst, cant, cham, champ, chan, chance, chang, chant, clad, clam, clamp, clams, clan, clang, clans, crab, crabbed, crabs, crag, cram, crammed, cramp, crank, dab, dad, dam, dammed, damn, damp, dams, dan, dance, dank, drab, drag, dragged, drags, dram, drank, fad, fag, fam, fan, fang, fanned, fans, flag, flagged, flags, flange, flank, fran, franc, france, francs, frank, franz, gad, gag, gan, gang, glad, glance, gland, grab, grabbed, graham, gram, gran, grande, grands, grant, had, hadst, hag, halved, ham, han, hands, hang, hank, hans, jagged, jam, jammed, jams, jan, kan, kant, lab, lad, lag, lagged, lags, lam, lamb, lamp, lan, lance, land, lang, lange, lank, mad, mag, man, mann, mans, nad, nag, nam, nan, nantes, pad, pan, pang, pans, pant, plaid, plan, plank, planned, plans, plant, prance, prank, quant, rag, ram, rammed, ramp, rams, ran, ranch, rand, rang, rank, rant, sad, sag, sam, san, sands, sang, sank, sans, sant, scan, scanned, scans, scant, shad, sham, shan, shank, shrank, slab, slag, slam, slammed, slang, slant, span, spanned, spans, sprang, stab, stabbed, stabs, stag, stamp, stan, stance, stanch, stands, strand, swam, tab, tad, tag, tagged, tags, tam, tan, tang, tank, tanned, tant, than, thank, tram, tramp, tran, trance, trans, van, vance, vans, wag, wang, yang, zag

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