1. A pattern forming a unity within a larger structural whole (synset 105940848)
    "he tried to pick up the strands of his former life"; "I could hear several melodic strands simultaneously"
  2. Line consisting of a complex of fibers or filaments that are twisted together to form a thread or a rope or a cable (synset 104339921)
  3. A necklace made by stringing objects together (synset 103003364)
    "a string of beads"; "a strand of pearls"
  4. A very slender natural or synthetic fiber (synset 114892009)
  5. A poetic term for a shore (as the area periodically covered and uncovered by the tides) (synset 109470815)
  6. A street in west central London famous for its theaters and hotels (synset 108675379)
  1. Leave stranded or isolated with little hope of rescue (synset 202233137)
    "the travellers were marooned"
  2. Drive (a vessel) ashore (synset 202091644)
  3. Bring to the ground (synset 202026332)
    "the storm grounded the ship"

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