1. Subject to a mathematical transformation (synset 200545091)
  2. Change or alter in form, appearance, or nature (synset 200383306)
    "This experience transformed her completely"; "She transformed the clay into a beautiful sculpture"; "transubstantiate one element into another"
  3. Change in outward structure or looks (synset 200382272)
    "He transformed into a monster"; "The salesman metamorphosed into an ugly beetle"
  4. Change from one form or medium into another (synset 200384213)
    "Braque translated collage into oil"
  5. Convert (one form of energy) to another (synset 200382927)
    "transform energy to light"
  6. Change (a bacterial cell) into a genetically distinct cell by the introduction of DNA from another cell of the same or closely related species (synset 200382681)
  7. Increase or decrease (an alternating current or voltage) (synset 200382521)

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