• Located or originating from above (synset 302482038)
  • The expense of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes and utilities and insurance)
    It does not include depreciation or the cost of financing or income taxes (synset 113298202)
  • (computer science) the processing time required by a device prior to the execution of a command (synset 115323254)
  • (computer science) the disk space required for information that is not data but is used for location and timing (synset 108573602)
  • A transparency for use with an overhead projector (synset 104542074)
  • (nautical) the top surface of an enclosed space on a ship (synset 103870080)
  • A hard return hitting the tennis ball above your head (synset 100570511)
  • Above your head
    In the sky (synset 400251120)
  • Above the head
    Over the head (synset 400250926)

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