1. An unsteady uneven gait (synset 100290232)
  2. A decisive defeat in a game (especially in cribbage) (synset 107491422)
  3. Abrupt up-and-down motion (as caused by a ship or other conveyance) (synset 100338036)
    "the pitching and tossing was quite exciting"
  4. The act of moving forward suddenly (synset 100291120)
  1. Walk as if unable to control one's movements (synset 201928835)
    "The drunken man staggered into the room"
  2. Move abruptly (synset 201868620)
    "The ship suddenly lurched to the left"
  3. Move slowly and unsteadily (synset 202101822)
    "The truck lurched down the road"
  4. Loiter about, with no apparent aim (synset 202645559)
  5. Defeat by a lurch (synset 201106104)

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