1. One of the jointed appendages of an animal used for locomotion or grasping: arm;
    Flipper (synset 105567877)
  2. Any of the main branches arising from the trunk or a bough of a tree (synset 113184701)
  3. (astronomy) the circumferential edge of the apparent disc of the sun or the moon or a planet (synset 108610050)
  4. Either of the two halves of a bow from handle to tip (synset 103674420)
    "the upper limb of the bow"
  5. The graduated arc that is attached to an instrument for measuring angles (synset 103674232)
    "the limb of the sextant"
  6. Any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm (synset 102740838)
    "the arm of the record player"; "an arm of the sea"; "a branch of the sewer"

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