1. The upper side of the thighs of a seated person (synset 105570228)
    "he picked up the little girl and plopped her down in his lap"
  2. An area of control or responsibility (synset 114538643)
    "the job fell right in my lap"
  3. The part of a piece of clothing that covers the thighs (synset 103647261)
    "his lap was covered with food stains"
  4. A flap that lies over another part (synset 103647020)
    "the lap of the shingles should be at least ten inches"
  5. Movement once around a course (synset 100296016)
    "he drove an extra lap just for insurance"
  6. Touching with the tongue (synset 100151411)
    "the dog's laps were warm and wet"
  1. Lie partly over or alongside of something or of one another (synset 202698039)
  2. Pass the tongue over (synset 201434809)
    "the dog licked her hand"
  3. Move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound (synset 202192644)
    "The bubbles swoshed around in the glass"; "The curtain swooshed open"
  4. Take up with the tongue (synset 201173263)
    "The cat lapped up the milk"; "the cub licked the milk from its mother's breast"
  5. Wash or flow against (synset 200218002)
    "the waves laved the shore"

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