1. One of two equal parts of a divisible whole (synset 113758939)
    "half a loaf"; "half an hour"; "a century and one half"
  2. One of two divisions into which some games or performances are divided: the two divisions are separated by an interval (synset 115282640)
  1. Partially or to the extent of a half (synset 400008300)
    "he was half hidden by the bushes"
  1. Consisting of one of two equivalent parts in value or quantity (synset 300519479)
    "a half chicken"; "lasted a half hour"
  2. Partial (synset 300526673)
    "gave me a half smile"; "he did only a half job"
  3. (of siblings) related through one parent only (synset 300519960)
    "a half brother"; "half sister"

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