force out

  1. A putout of a base runner who is required to run;
    The putout is accomplished by holding the ball while touching the base to which the runner must advance before the runner reaches that base (synset 100130563)
    "the shortstop got the runner at second on a force"
  1. Force to leave (an office) (synset 202410394)
  2. Terminate the employment of;
    Discharge from an office or position (synset 202407967)
    "The boss fired his secretary today"; "The company terminated 25% of its workers"
  3. Force or drive out (synset 202060390)
    "The police routed them out of bed at 2 A.M."
  4. Press, force, or thrust out of a small space (synset 202017692)
    "The weeds crowded out the flowers"
  5. Expel from one's property or force to move out by a legal process (synset 201470687)
    "The landlord evicted the tenants after they had not paid the rent for four months"
  6. Cause to come out in a squirt (synset 201378302)
    "the boy squirted water at his little sister"
  7. Force with the thumb (synset 201284214)
    "gouge out his eyes"
  8. Emit or cause to move with force of effort (synset 200003662)
    "force out the air"; "force out the splinter"

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