1. An act that violates the rules of a sport (synset 100772486)
  1. Highly offensive;
    Arousing aversion or disgust (synset 301630074)
    "a disgusting smell"; "distasteful language"; "a loathsome disease"; "the idea of eating meat is repellent to me"; "revolting food"; "a wicked stench"
  2. Offensively malodorous (synset 301057333)
    "a foul odor"; "the kitchen smelled really funky"
  3. Violating accepted standards or rules (synset 300960933)
    "a dirty fighter"; "used foul means to gain power"; "a nasty unsporting serve"; "fined for unsportsmanlike behavior"
  4. (of a baseball) not hit between the foul lines (synset 300959105)
  5. (of a manuscript) defaced with changes (synset 301408416)
    "foul (or dirty) copy"
  6. Characterized by obscenity (synset 300426832)
    "had a filthy mouth"; "foul language"; "smutty jokes"
  7. Disgustingly dirty;
    Filled or smeared with offensive matter (synset 300423109)
    "as filthy as a pigsty"; "a foul pond"; "a nasty pigsty of a room"
  8. Especially of a ship's lines etc (synset 300256174)
    "with its sails afoul"; "a foul anchor"
  1. Hit a foul ball (synset 201150321)
  2. Make impure (synset 200493642)
    "The industrial wastes polluted the lake"
  3. Become or cause to become obstructed (synset 201481233)
    "The leaves clog our drains in the Fall"; "The water pipe is backed up"
  4. Commit a foul;
    Break the rules (synset 201150175)
  5. Spot, stain, or pollute (synset 200493346)
    "The townspeople defiled the river by emptying raw sewage into it"
  6. Make unclean (synset 200493246)
    "foul the water"
  7. Become soiled and dirty (synset 200493161)

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