Nouns denoting plants

Nelumbo nucifera
native to eastern Asia; widely cultivated for its large pink or white flowers
family Styracaceae
a widely distributed family of shrubs and trees of order Ebenales
persistent thickened stem of a herbaceous perennial plant
any of various trees having yellowish wood or yielding a yellow extract
Quercus vaccinifolia
a low spreading or prostrate shrub of southwestern United States with small acorns and leaves resembling those of the huckleberry
Himalayan cedar
tall East Indian cedar having spreading branches with nodding tips; highly valued for its appearance as well as its timber
Eryngium maritimum
European evergreen eryngo with twisted spiny leaves naturalized on United States east coast; roots formerly used as an aphrodisiac
any of several herbs of the genus Isatis
Torreya californica
California evergreen having a fruit resembling a nutmeg but with a strong turpentine flavor
Mesembryanthemum edule
low-growing South African succulent plant having a capsular fruit containing edible pulp
Prunus caroliniana
small flowering evergreen tree of southern United States
wild rye
any of several grasses of the genus Elymus
genus Viola
large genus of flowering herbs of temperate regions
any of various dark-fruited as distinguished from blue-fruited blueberries
genus Eranthis
winter aconite
Aster linarifolius
wiry tufted perennial of the eastern United States with stiff erect rough stems, linear leaves and large violet flowers
order Oleales
coextensive with the family Oleaceae; in some classifications included in the order Gentianales
Peruvian mastic tree
small Peruvian evergreen with broad rounded head and slender pendant branches with attractive clusters of greenish flowers followed by clusters of rose-pink fruits
genus Physostegia
genus of North American perennial herbs
madia oil
used as a substitute for olive oil
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