Nouns denoting plants

Saxifraga aizoides
tufted evergreen perennial having ciliate leaves and yellow corymbose flowers often spotted orange
genus Mitchella
creeping evergreen herbs of North America
genus Plagianthus
small genus of shrubs and trees of Australia and New Zealand
Ipomoea batatas
pantropical vine widely cultivated in several varieties for its large sweet tuberous root with orange flesh
European black currant
widely cultivated current bearing edible black aromatic berries
(botany) the whorl of sepals of a flower collectively forming the outer floral envelope or layer of the perianth enclosing and supporting the developing bud; usually green
genus Ixia
a monocotyledonous genus of the family Iridaceae
Gentiana saponaria
erect perennial of wet woodlands of North America having leaves and flower buds resembling those of soapwort
genus Logania
type genus of the Loganiaceae; Australian and New Zealand shrubs sometimes cultivated for their flowers
any of various plants of the genus Helenium characteristically causing sneezing
Pyrus communis
Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties
order Chytridiales
simple aquatic fungi mostly saprophytic but some parasitic on higher plants or animals or fresh water fungi; sometimes placed in class Oomycetes
the variegated or showily striped ornamental wood of various tulipwood trees
genus Bambusa
tall tender clumping bamboos
genus Eustoma
small genus of herbs of warm regions of southern North America to northern South America
Japanese banana
Asiatic banana plant cultivated especially as a foliage plant in Japan
Cycas revoluta
dwarf palmlike cycad of Japan that yields sago
Clematis viorna
scandent subshrub of southeastern United States having large red-purple bell-shaped flowers with leathery recurved sepals
any plant of the genus Pulsatilla; sometimes included in genus Anemone
Pongamia glabra
evergreen Asiatic tree having glossy pinnate leaves and racemose creamy-white scented flowers; used as a shade tree
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