exact syllable matches

The Sea
- Live
A Brief Life
A C Lyles
A D Miles
A E Knight
A Free Ride
A-B Life
Agni I
Agni Kai
Agni VI
Anime Vice
Batik Tribe
Berkeley Heights
Berkeley Tribe
Bernie Fine
Bernie White
Bernie Wright
Berny Wright
Bertie Childs
Bertie Wright
Birdie BAI
Birdie Try
Birney Imes
Bloody Knife
Bloody Night
Bloody Tie
Blurry Eyes
Buchli drive
Buckley Prize
Buckwheat vine
Buddy Bike
Buddy Christ
Buddy Guy
Buddy Liles
Buddy line
Buddy Miles
Buddy Rice
Buffy guide
Bumpy Ride
Bundy Drive
Bundy pipe
bungee line
bungee lines
Bunny Live
Bunny Wright
Burchfield Nines
Burmese krait
Burmese shrike
Burney vine
Camille Wright
Celine Wilde
Chablis wine
Chubby Wise
Church Street Five
Club Free Time
Come here, child
Come here, I'll
Complete AIS
Complete type
Concrete Night
Concrete piles
Concrete pipe
Concrete Sky
Country Heights
Country life
Country light
Country Mike
country mile
Country Nights
Country Pie
Country side
Country Sites
Country size
Country squire
Country Stile
Country Style
Country Time
country wife
Country Wine
Country Wise
Curly fries
Curry line
Curry Mile
Curry pie
Curry rice
Curved knee strike
Cutty Wise
Derby Line
Derby Pie
Dirty chai
Dirty Eyes
Dirty Mind
Dirty Minds
Dirty price
dirty rice
Dirty Vibe
Doug Friedline
Duc de Guise
Ducky Tie
Dudley Bright
Dudley Guice
Dudley Heights
Dudley Knight
Dudley Price
Dudley White
Duffy Site
Dulce Beat Live
Dully Sykes
Dummy file
Dummy light
Dummy lights
Dundee High
Dundee REIT
Dunphy sign
Dusty Kline
Dusty Wright
early blight
Early flight
Early Miles
Early Times
Early Wright
Earthy sign
Earthy signs
Earthy wine
Ernie Cline
Ernie Hine
Ernie Hines
Ernie Kline
Ernie Pike
Ernie Price
Ernie Pyle
Ernie Rice
Ernie Riles
Ernie Sheil
Ernie Stires
Ernie Sykes
Ernie White
Ernie Wise
Ernie Wright
Fatigue life
Felipe I
Felipe Klein
Felipe Pires
Felipe VI
Fergie Time
Fermi Prize
Firm real time
Firm real-time
first e-rights
First Nephi
first we'll live
Fluffy dice
Fluffy guy
Front knee strike
Front wheel drive
front-wheel drive
Fuck these guys
Fundy Isles
Funky Child
Funky Chimes
Funky Clyde
Funky crime
Funny Five
Funny Times
Funny Vibe
Furry dice
Fuzzy dice
Fuzzy Knight
Fuzzy Knights
Germ-free mice
Gertie wine
Gulf Beach Drive
Gulfstream I
Gurney Drive
Gurney light
Habib Sy
Helene White
Herb Levi
Herbie Hide
Herbie Sykes
Herbie White
Hermite spline
honey guide
honey kite
Honey Pie
Honey time
Honey Tye
Honey White
Honey wine
Honey Wright
Huffy Bikes
Huh Ki-Tai
Hull street high
Humphrey Knipe
Humphrey Style
Humphreys line
Humphry Knipe
Hungry Eyes
Hungry Five
Hungry i
Hungry Minds
Hungry rice
Hungry wives
Huntley Wright
Husky Heights
Jersey Guys
Jersey Knights
Jersey Live
Jersey Mikes
Jersey Pine
Jersey side
Jerzy Christ
Journey Prize
Judd Greenstein
Just bean vines
Just three times
Justine Skye
Kerley lines
Kersey Tye
Kirby White
Kirby Wright
Lakshmi Bai
Lamine Ly
Latrine fly
Latrine site
Learn Me Right
Levine sign
Love Me Right
Lucky Child
Lucky Dime
Lucky Guy
Lucky Miles
Lucky Night
Lucky Nine
Lucky prime
Lucky Strike
Lucky Strikes
Lucky Twice
Lucky Wright
Lum v Rice
Lundy Isle
Machine fly
Machine Sight
Marie Byles
Marie Hines
Marie Knight
Marie Line
Marie mai
Marie Wright
Marine Drive
Marine I
Marine life
Marine Lines
Marine ply
Marine Times
McKean Site
Mercy Drive
Mercy flight
Mercy Flights
Mercy Heights
Monday Night
Money line
Money Mike
Money Right
Money sign
Money signs
Money Times
Monkey bike
Monkey drive
Monkey drives
Monkey High
Monkey mind
Monkey Shines
Mummy ride
Murphy Knives
Murphy sign
Murphys sign
Murray Child
Murray Dry
Murray Guy
Murray I
Murray Isle
Murray Klein
Murray Mine
Murray Shire
Murray Wright
Murry Site
Must Be Nice
Nerdy Nine
oblique line
oblique lines
oblique rhyme
oblique rhymes
Oblique Striped
Oblique type
One Piece Knife
Patrice pike
pearly whites
Percy Bice
Percy Clive
Percy Isles
Percy Pyne
Percy Sykes
Percy White
Percy Wright
Percy Wyld
Petite size
Petite Vie
Plum Beach Light
Police bike
Police Files
Police light
Police lights
police line
Police strike
Police strikes
Puffy eyes
Pulp sci-fi
Punkie Night
puppies, Dr
Puppy pile
Puppy Times
Putty knife
Regime type
Regime types
Rugby Fives
Rugby Nines
Rummy Tile
Rumney wine
Rusty Eye
Rusty Fein
Rusty Knife
Rusty White
Sabine Weiss
Sapir Prize
Scruffy AI
Seguin Light
Selene Wines
Serves Me Right
Shaheed Shrine
Shirley Crites
Shirley Fry
Shirley Heights
Shirley Knight
Slurry ice
Snuffy Smile
Sonny Dykes
Sonny Hine
Sonny Knight
Sonny Pike
Sonny White
Spunky Knight
study guide
Study guides
Suchy Pies
Sunny Heights
Sunny Isles
Sunny Jain
Sunny Side
Sunny Skies
Supreme crime
Supreme Kai
Supreme Knight
Surly Bikes
Surreal Life
Surrey bike
Suzie Bright
The Be Five
The Beehive
The Bee-Hive
The B-Sides
The Cheese Mites
The Cream Pies
The Dream Child
The Dreamtime
the east side
The EE Times
The Eli
The Field Mice
The free life
The Free Right
The Free Times
The G Files
The Greek Isles
The Green Child
The Green Christ
The Green Eyed
The Green Guide
The Green Knight
, on
the Green Line
The Green Line
The Green Mile
The Green Slime
The Green Stripe
The Greene Knight
The Leeds Guide
The Leeds Style
The Peak Time
The P-I
The Priests Wife
the Real Side
The Rewrite
The Sea Bright
The seaside
The Seer I
The Sikh Times
The Steel Sky
The Suite Life
The Sweet Life
The Sweet Ride
The Three Smiles
The Tree Bride
The V sign
Third Nephi
Thirteen Primes
Thirteenth Tribe
Thumbprint sign
Tummy time
Turkey Guys
Turkey mite
Turkey Time
Turkey wine
Upstream price
Urey Prize
What's she like
World Peace Prize
worry line
worry lines
Worth Street Line
Xerxes I
Yuk Keep Smile

with 1 extra syllable

Argentine wine
Argentine wines
Arsaces I
Augustine Light
Barnaby Grimes
Boston cream pie
Boston cream pies
Boston creme pie
Carnegie Prize
Cochineal dye
Conakry I
constant speed drive
Constantine I
Constantine VI
Copper Queen Mine
Copperfields Mine
Cotton Tree Drive
Cottony blight
Doctor Pete White
Dolphin Street Line
Donald C Fry
Donald De Line
Donnelly Drive
Fokker E-I
Garden Key Light
Harbor Beach Light
Hertford East Line
Lombardy wine
Margery Fry
Marjorie Heins
Marjorie Rice
Marjorie White
Martens Beat, Dr
Montgomery Hyde
Montgomery pie
Odyssey Five
poverty line
poverty lines
Properties file
Property crime
Property crimes
Property file
Property Guys
Property line
Property right
Property rights
Property Times
Property Type
Property types
Ptolemy I
Ptolemy VI
Quality Line
quality time
Quality wine
Robert de Wilde
Robert Greenstein
Robert Seelye
Robins need light
Roger de Piles
Romany Rye
Ronald Ely
Ronald Lee Wyden
Sergeant Streetwise
Soccer freestyle
Stalin peace prize
Thomas Wheelwright