exact syllable matches

good clean country -
something like over
30 miles
form of
a beef pie
baseball bat to
a beehive
life, saw
a brief light
inspector, with
a brief smile
sacrifice are
a cheap price
a feline
to lead
a free life
my omelet
a meat pie
a Queen's Knight
feels like
a real fight
beat up
Superman is
a real guy
must exact
a real price
a Steel Sky
crashed into
a tree, right
may make
a weak child,
heart and
you've got
a weak mind
out on
a week night
You did
achieve size
a series of
bloody bites
crime, your foul,
bloody crime
gained after a
bloody fight
middle of the
you through this
bloody night
in death and
bloody strife
and about
limit of all
bloody time
Expect a
bumpy ride
flowing again,
but he smiled
body -
'Cause he lied
that of a
clumsy child
Come here, child
Come here, I'll
I needed to
complete my
culture dies, the
country dies
have bled our
country dry
people of this
country live
to annihilate a
country twice
Country Wife
indifference to the
country's plight
seem like the
cuddly type
filled my
cup three times
is just another
ridiculous and a
dirty lie
legs into someone's
up, such a
dirty mind
and what
does he find
does he fly
does He live
does she live
for your
drugs three times
strict account-keeping in
struggles of his
early life
character dating from
early times
which on
Earth we find
in forms of
light, in our
earthly life
and Tolstoy and
Ernie Pyle
or detachment
from real life
funny, you're a
funny guy
and moving around all
Yep, you
heard me right
separate from
her real life
love re-marry his
hussy bride
the afternoon, Aldous
Huxley died
in Alpine, New
Jersey, right
This fucking
jersey's mine
the river, on the
can I
judge these guys
level, it
just seems like
do have very
vibrant smile, her
lovely eyes
and leaven of
lovely life
gravity was a
lovely sight
gave me a
me with a
lovely smile
I had a
lovely time
and his plump,
How is your
must be your
lovely wife
And you're the
Nancy Lucky,
What a
You're one
lucky guy
very happy go
lucky guys
unicorn is a
lucky sign
four packs of
Lucky Strike
You got
lucky twice
gracious, aren't we
lucky, child
of the sorting
machine, right
the sense of the
been on the
machines' side
a habitat for
marine life
alternative wordings, see
Monday's Child
go where the
money drives
a lot of
money, right
the way of the
where the Howler
Monkeys live
Hey, that
well, it
must be nice
disdain, there
must be pride
it, it
yours alone
must be right
Every muscle
must be tight
that there
must be time
Shinobi, you
must be wise
This place
must feel like
It's the
nerdy guy
you move out
of dream-time
ran out
you're out
of here, right
one moment
practical tasks
the language
of real life
forty minutes
of screen time
found the croutons
of teatime
offenders convicted
of these crimes
not one
of most
of these guys
the protection
of these rights
kids, no
one seems right
cape, I want
pearly whites
me with wasting
police time
hay like a
puppy child
day when I
received life
that Edward George
Ruddy died
smutty smile
I need
some me time
might form
some real tie
Full of
stuff she'd like
ray from a
supreme Light
tumbling down
the deep sides
gave Clemente
gave Sharon
the green light
day on
the Green Mile
our group
the Green Slimes
there, in
the mean time
But in
But, in
knowledge go in
to do in
with sadness in
the meantime
That's not
the real crime
the real Dr
I've always liked
the sea-side
guy hanging from
the streetlight
The Suite Life
strong live,
the weak die
In cynicism, she's about
reflection of an
unseen light
carve him
up real nice
for which they
were prescribed
where we
were, we tried
not just
what feels right
and read
what he writes
no idea
what he's like
them do
what she liked
according to
and say
what we like
what's he like
What's she like
at Manfred with
worried eyes
to lose my
trouble from your
you ease my
worried mind

with 1 extra syllable

funny the next
Rights an additional
to end this
17 times
his jacket
the week
wearing it
after he died
first weeks
after she died
under what
banner we fight
batteries, right
because he's right
gets, the
better he writes
me where my
boundaries lie
I crossed the
boundary line
huge family by
brotherly ties
day, I will
certainly die
But he will
certainly live
Alan Turing was
certainly mine
he is almost
Lenin was
certainly right
us, and science
certainly tried
don't tow the
company line
and its radiations
constantly glide
His own Son,
dearworthy Christ
the sort of persecuted-
deity guy
where fate and
destiny lie
Doesn't feel right
as the world's
enemy, I'll
See into the
enemy's mind
has cried
enough, he dies
of education for
the soul of
every child
every tear from
every eye
Friend, every foe,
every fight
and lovers of
and luxury of
and pain of
from prejudice of
every kind
external facts of
final act of
the dignity of
to each and
every life
a different city
a Halloween party
and he did,
and the homeless
and things around
bed at ten
busting my buns
do my show
does on television
every day and
gonna get drunk
he sees here
hold each and
I sleep clearly
in the ass
keep going up
keeps me awake
long hours studying
mockery of Dionysus
my ass and
night, and then
of his mind
on her chest
on the road
on your stoop
sleep by myself
sort of thing
the way home
their stories out
twenty people awake
violence on TV
we say grace
went out clubbing
will be Halloween
You do it
You see it
every night
pudgy finger in
every pie
I had
every right
a god on
being worked on
he hath on
hemmed in on
him in on
they abound on
upon me from
every side
, I muttered
and out-die occupiers
and put you
as he could
back at him
bottle of champagne
breaks your heart
broad does this
center on target
every society and
fall for it
for the count
getting it wrong
Give us steam
her usual thing
I can tell
it beat him
it scares people
It was imbecility
It works
preference to laws
putz, beats him
Quality destroys objectivity
Same thing,
simplistic ideas win
spectacle of yourself
take the mice
that to me
the current rulers
the same words,
They way overcharge
thing to swallow
think is right,
wallow in defeat
we will fail
would do it
you in trouble
every time
product on the
factory line
Family Guy
circle of brief
proper basis for
some concept of
family life
and culture and
These are our
family ties
Family Ties
can have quality
family time
I mean, you're
family, Mike
nonfiction, in the
fantasy aisle
Fantasy VI
bear him a
fiery child
finally smiles
out of the
Gadarene swine
Galaxy wide
a secret
garden she hides
Everything is
month we're
Now, I'm
vitamins, you're
you are
gonna be fine
is really
gonna be like
gonna meet guys
the grow old
gracefully type
darkness reveals the
heavenly lights
way of silencing
heresy, Dr
value card at
home,every time
if he will
honestly try
on, and
it'd be fine
know what
it'd be like
I'm sure
it'll be fine
Japanese Style
seven in new
Japanese time
seven when Bobby
Kennedy died
then and I'm
labeled senile
Three months
later, he died
the Statue of
Liberty, right
Die eve,
little eve, die
until I found
Mercury's files
tell Judith
Miller three times
all of the
misery right
his actions are
know to be
of what's
we know is
morally right
this will
never be mine
over those
numbers three times
write above a
nursery rhyme
tunes of actual
nursery rhymes
get me
outta here, right
they were not
overly bright
wet, for it's
parlously dry
She was
partially right
of your
people need die
can see, I'm
it turns out
it's gonna look
Look, I'm
not grunting you're
sex act, it's
that slavery was
perfectly fine
and he was
Pope, they are
perfectly right
is the best
policy, right
5 cents
poorer each time
families above the
living below the
poverty line
life in
prison mean life
you will also
probably die
probably live
Darwin was
probably right
it for a
property line
a protector of
and authority and
come security of
existence of intellectual
really believe in
the lack of
the protection of
property rights
puff a
purple peace pipe
as a certain
quality life
gonna spend some
Now it's
to share some
quality time
sight, I'd
rather be blind
saw Easy
Rider three times
about taking what's
rightfully mine
into the
river we'd dive
Robins need light
her house on
saturday night
are you doing
Heaven on a
tea on a
ten-thirty on a
to plan my
Saturday night
their hair on
Saturday nights
my nose busted
seventeen times
at the age of
wanted to abolish
slavery, right
be bereaved if
snobbery died
Someone we like
then like
SPECTRE, he strikes
Are you shy,
squiggly line
for a money-making
strategy guide
clapping vigorously and
suddenly died
know what
sweeten means, right
That'll be mine
It's all
people's needs is
totally fine
musicians and are
totally right
on the
Upper East Side
I hear
voices, see smiles
wanna hear mine
up our
weapons, we fight
It just
wouldn't be right

with 2 extra syllables

I can't
abandon these guys
realized he had
actually died
dies before one
actually dies
Vauxhall you might
actually like
of shit is
actually pie
looked just like
another GI
girl who's into
astrology, right
with a
banana cream pie
got some
coconut cream pie
all aspects of
and practice of
cocoon of their
community life
presence in the
community, right
individual to fit into
the crevasse seemed
dangerously wide
biased, but I'm
definitely right
next Domino's Pizza
delivery guy
me a long,
depression-free life
His IQ is
enormously high
and despair is
eternally right
can his
happiness be like
to a
hospital, he'll die
God was really
incredibly nice
either front was
infinitely slight
thrive, he's failed
miserably twice
commandment from your
morality file
course he never
officially died
of the Baconian
philosophy, why
power of peaceable
possession revives
something to
remember me by
We have wonderful
security guys
of three
sentences each time
seriously right
Seriously tight
taking anything too
seriously, right
I am
Together we cry
with some pretty
unsavory types
bitter conduct, come,
unsavoury guide
of words was
usually mine
problem is he's
usually right
speculate on
whatever we like

with 3 extra syllables

to spend an
anniversary, right
that rages must
eventually die
over time and
eventually dies
their skills would
eventually rise
any disease, live
indefinitely, fly
human life isn't
necessarily life
mean they are
necessarily right
like in
perpetual heat, right
entourage or you
Scientology guide
unfortunately rhymes
that were pretty
universally liked

with 4 extra syllables

capitalism we like
very manly, and
extraordinarily nice
divine and human
simultaneously, right

with 5 extra syllables

was hot with
radioactivity, right