exact syllable matches

a breached dyke
art have
a brief life
life, saw
a brief light
an A-side and
a B-side
destructiveness at
sacrifice are
a cheap price
you want
a clean line
We have
a deal, Kyle
They're part of
a dream-life
and wants
foot and
a free ride
He's got
a mean bite
my omelet
a meat pie
was such
a neat guy
It was
a real find
to have
a real life
must exact
a real price
she was
a real prize
eye and
a steel eye
time as
a stream, right
highway on
a street bike
He was
a team guy
heart and
you've got
a weak mind
out on
a week night
to as
a yield sign
Anyone can
achieve style
we're all gonna
bloody die
in death and
bloody strife
limit of all
bloody time
send us back to horse-and-
swollen necks and
bulgy eyes
bungee line
bungee lines
little bastard,
but he's right
aesthetic phenomenon
but real life
that of a
clumsy child
not such a
clumsy guy
bring farts and
clumsy times
Come here, child
Come here, I'll
Egg robbers
come, we fight
something that's a
complete lie
Country life
country mile
country miles
country side
country skier
country wife
Country Wife
country wine
country wines
country wives
villages, towns and the
waddling, cute and
cuddly life
will have the
curly fries
Curry Mile
ridiculous and a
dirty lie
dirty rice
and what
does he find
dummy light
dummy lights
early blight
justify all the
early hype
by the dawn's
It's almost dawn's
early light
p-promised myself an
early night
education, modern and
early styles
the scholars of
early times
which on
Earth we find
I ask
'em real nice
and Tolstoy and
Ernie Pyle
first e-rights
first we'll live
an offer
from me twice
or detachment
Real talent
from real life
To gather
from three sides
front-wheel drive
and moving around all
honey guide
honey guides
honey kite
honey kites
honey wine
It was a
honeyed lie
the afternoon, Aldous
Huxley died
the river, on the
It's not
just me, right
Kerley line
Kerley lines
you have
lovely eyes
gravity was a
lovely sight
Anyway, have a
I had a
lovely time
I was a
What a
lucky guy
four packs of
Lucky Strike
of my dad's
Lucky Strikes
You got
lucky twice
been on the
machines' side
on a
Monday night
Greek unofficially on
Monday nights
a lot of
money, right
parrot and
monkey time
like that
what that
must be like
Hey, that
paper, that
must be nice
must de ai
what that
must feel like
oblique line
oblique lines
oblique rhyme
oblique rhymes
a contraction
of ni ein
practical tasks
the facts
the language
of real life
and chants
of Sieg Heil
a ton
not one
of these guys
of some
of these lines
the work
of Yves Klein
eye and
one green eye
cape, I want
pearly whites
petite bite
police line
police lines
Punkie Night
puppies, Dr
putty knife
putty knives
smutty smile
study guide
study guides
the ultimate and
supreme light
a pawn on
the b-file
a pawn on
the c-file
gang on
the east side
a pawn on
the g-file
Franklin and
Gawain and
the Green Knight
gave Sharon
that has
that one
the green light
day on
the Green Mile
The Green Mile
the key, right
passion, that's
That's not
the real crime
the real Dr
that wasn't
the real file
the suburbs and
the seaside
The Suite Life
nail all
the three lies
thirteen stripes
of the lost
Thirteenth Tribe
and twice on
thirty nine
a soy allergy at
better innings than Mozart's
his life out at
Robert Frost was
tummy time
chicken and the
turkey live
Having such an
ugly child
ugly cry
the rich and
ugly fly
reflection of an
unseen light
not just
what feels right
what he writes
What's she like
worry line
worry lines
Do not
worry, child
and Clinton aren't
worthy, right

with 1 extra syllable

After each tide
few days
first wedding
forever, even
his jacket
killed herself
the week
wearing it
went on
would happen
after he died
ever comes
after me, why
And then
first weeks
what happened
after she died
to go
after these guys
born, or
for us
after we die
created the first
aniline dye
the French
artist Yves Klein
under what
banner we fight
banoffee pie
banoffee pies
banoffi pie
and South of
Barnaby cry
batteries, right
battery life
and these are
bloodthirsty times
son petit
bonhomme de chemin
Boston cream pie
Boston cream pies
Alan Turing was
certainly mine
Lenin was
certainly right
Chastity Bites
company time
constant speed drive
constant speed drives
Constantine I
and its radiations
constantly glide
currency sign
currency signs
world to commit
dastardly crimes
Doesn't feel right
Doesn't seem right
product on the
factory line
am NOTHING like
animated television show
at all like
I'm a
last episode of
Last words in
to be called
Family Guy
family guys
circle of brief
community problems, and
effects on his
fabric of Australian
father into their
he aimed in
is to renormalize
of unemployment on
privacy of my
proper basis for
some concept of
family life
Work and
Family life
in a well-organized
family life,
carry on the
last of your
family line
And on
family night
Family Night
a respect for
family pride
family size
and culture and
These are our
family ties
that chick from
Family Ties
can have quality
family time
I mean, you're
family, Mike
hope for your
reconnected with my
They're like
You're a smart
family, right
to continue my
family's fight
light of this
family's life
male in my
family's line
fantasy 9
nonfiction, in the
fantasy aisle
Fantasy VI
move, the
faster we die
out of the
Gadarene swine
bring glory to
Galaxy High
Galaxy wide
a secret
garden she hides
already, you're
because we're
bullets, I'm
But you're
Everything is
month we're
No, everything's
Now, I'm
on, you're
that everything,Everything's
vitamins, you're
you are
gonna be fine
we were
gonna be knights
is really
gonna be like
I'm just
gonna be Mike
you're always
gonna be mine
gonna be wild
What's that
gonna be, right
Fine, I'm
gonna clean mine
now you're
gonna feel mine
gonna meet guys
What that's
gotta be like
gravity knife
gravity wind
it started that
Halloween night
the videotape of
Halloween Night
a cute little
Halloween smile
if he will
honestly try
honestly, guys
Japanese Style
seven in new
Japanese time
Latin freestyle
me on my
magazine drive
just the Earth
maladies, guys
Mercury dime
Mercury dimes
Montgomery pie
Montgomery pies
he's gonna be
nursery rhyme
nursery rhymes
Odyssey, VI
and you'll
they may
often be right
wet, for it's
parlously dry
She was
partially right
the rage
passes, he's fine
Am I not
and the ball's
but we are
that slavery was
perfectly fine
and he was
Pope, they are
you, yes, that's
perfectly right
, which are
perfectly white
parameter models as
policy guides
is the best
policy, right
longer could he
possibly live
below the
families above the
live below the
living below the
poverty line
poverty lines
should cry, he'll
you will also
probably die
Yes, innocent people
probably died
probably fine
probably lied
probably live
But anyway, you're
by God, you're
Darwin was
defeated, and they're
you know you're
probably right
ed, that's
probably why
until he can
properly die
through which we
properly live
it for a
property line
Property right
a protector of
acquire the intellectual
and authority and
call this your
circumscribed by private
come security of
development of efficient
existence of intellectual
have freedom without
really believe in
role in defining
system of alienable
that surrounds private
the evolution of
the lack of
the manipulation of
the protection of
the structure of
to establish such
voting rights or
was violating intellectual
when individuals share
property rights
Property rights
as a certain
quality life
gonna spend some
know, want some
Now it's
our night of
throwaway time, but
to share some
quality time
any of the high-
quality wine
rabbit ear mite
rabbit ear mites
sight, I'd
rather be blind
I would
rather be BLIND
rather be right
whistling Bohemian fucking
Rhapsody, right
Robins need light
Romany rye
Romany ryes
taxes pay your
salary right
her house on
saturday night
Another beautiful
are you doing
by her house
cab on a
crowd up there
for dinner on
have to work
Heaven on a
in Windsor on
It's not even
Listen about- about
Newark on a
North Clark on
on a
on Friday or
poker game for
See you
someday I'll be
tea on a
ten-thirty on a
to plan my
TV on a
Saturday night
what happens on
Saturday Night
their hair on
with regularity on
Saturday nights
be bereaved if
snobbery died
Someone we like
Southerly wind
robes that are
spotlessly white
for a money-making
to have a
strategy guide
clapping vigorously and
suddenly died
our lives,
that'll be fine
That'll be mine
her costume on
underneath mine
on the
Upper East Side
I don't
wanna be right
wanna hear mine
of the Wendy
Wasserstein mind

with 2 extra syllables

I can't
abandon these guys
almost immediately
afterward she died
girl who's into
astrology, right
risk of mass
atrocity crimes
me a
with a
banana cream pie
blame for the
catastrophe lies
we must sin,And
consequently die
That is how
democracy dies
horizons of liberal
democracy right
economy rice
equality sign
equality signs
imagine she's white
high, but not
impossibly high
goes wrong, alongside
legality crime
commandment from your
morality file
most of the
mythologies like
of the Baconian
philosophy, why
phosphorus ylide
phosphorus ylides
of this horseshit
psychology jive
Reality Bites
refractory rhyme
refractory rhymes

with 3 extra syllables

to spend an
anniversary, right
Coriander seeds, dried
give you
digitalis three times
nationality sign
nationality signs
entourage or you
Scientology guide