exact syllable matches

Jack Camp
became chief judge
Became chief judge
the western part
became deeper
Crown Prince Charles
Hugh of Antioch
year, Jiang Wan
became regent
have not
been paid either
Building on
Bill Gates Sr
Bill Glazier
Bill Napier
Red Sox at
Tigers' home park,
White Sox at
Briggs Stadium
Brink Stadium
Chris Adrian
Chris Haviland
Chris J Leaver
Chris Maeda
several large and
detailed pieces
DeWayne Keeter
Dick Gabriel
Turkish population was
displaced eastward
Displaced people
Displaced peoples
Dix Stadium
Drift Mania
Dring Stadium
Elaine Breeden
Elaine Eastman
Elaine Ziemba
to Foo cannot
escape either
escape sequence
Escape Sequence
Gibbs Stadium
Gill Stadium
Gin Maeda
Give-way weakness
Greer Stadium
Hill radius
and had
him named praetor
Note large
hinge radius
careful on
his daily hunt
and start
his daily work
Havers was
his main teacher
noble qualities, not
his tastiness
esophagus and blocked
his trachea
Ib Melchior
If they keep up
if they need one
international contacts
in brain research
missile submarine, docked
in Dalian
a part
in Gay, Sr
In Gayle We Trust
in great need of
was back
in Leyte Gulf
and Ruin bar
at McLean Park
in McLean Park
is McLean Park
in Napier
ganglion neurons
in Pain Research
Faculty of Arts
of the Lombards
in Pavia
hundreds of yards
nearly as large
in radius
In re Neagle
in Schlesien
Powers Park
in Tracy, CA
Inge Gabriel
from a large
insane creature
is over-the-top and
insanely fun
IP alias
degree and R
is radius
Ismail Isa
Israeli Cup
It made me tough
It may be heard
it may deem just
It weighs three tons
It's crazy stuff
crops are
its main features
lies on
its pale beaches
down upon
its prey feet-first
educational Institutions on
exterior based on
its radius
Jim Gabriel
Jim Napier
King James Cleveland
King Saint Stephen
Kit Napier
Knick stadium
Liz Safian
Lynn Stadium
Lynx Stadium
mere Brazier
and therefore not
mere laziness
Mick Napier
Midrange speaker
Mid-range speaker
Midway Eagles
Mikhail Segal
Miss Patriot
Mitch Glazier
Mitch Stadium
Mixed mania
blacks and
mixed race people
Mixed race people
contemporary work on
different perspective on
mixed-race people
MS Patriot
Nib stadium
She was
nicknamed Nina
Nikkei people
Phil Adrian
Pig Mania
Pintail beetle
Pitt Stadium
Prince Valium
sort of black-box
quick-save feature
it would not
remain secret
has so far
remained secret
Rich Stadium
Rick Glazier
Ring tail lemur
Ring tailed lemur
Ringtail Lemur
Ring-tailed Lemur
and rocks and
turtles, bobcats, and
ring-tailed lemurs
Rish Stadium
Schmidt's crazy world
Sim Mania
Sins change people
Sixth Grade Secrets
a match at
Skilled Stadium
Field at Carl
Smith Stadium
Smiths Stadium
by the John
first team's John
near the John
to the John
Smith's Stadium
Spinks Stadium
Spitz Stadium
fans at Palm
games at Palm
Springs Stadium
Squid gladius
Steer Stadium
Olympic Sports Park
Swim Stadium
Sylvain Demers
This Crazy Love
this place cleaned up
in Grozny on
international matches on
played here on
this stadium
an unusually large
tip radius
Tip radius
Trip Gabriel
Twins Stadium
Wickes Stadium
Will Brazier
will may be done
WIN Stadium
Wing Stadium
Wings Stadium
been in contact
break protein bars
government is involved
react to first-contact
they're in contact
to establish contact
to physical contact
travel or contact
with aliens
also shot
with daisy guns
had strict contacts
with Latium
With pain, he does

with 1 extra syllable

Shaw was an
active Fabian
on campus at
Baggett Stadium
Banded Snake Eagle
Banded Snake-eagle
Blackshear Stadium
at a cheap
boxing stadium
at the National
the Muhammad Ali
Boxing Stadium
also a
chronic late sleeper
Classic Ray Stevens
Dallas Baptist
Patrick Henry Community
College Patriots
Air at the
college stadium
at the Pierce
College stadium
Calicut Medical
day at Wagner
games at Wagner
or as District
The Morris Brown
West Lancashire
College Stadium
grandstand like many
professional or major
college stadiums
College stadiums
appeared in the
comic Alias
a fictional Marvel
Comics alien
Coppin State Eagles
arguments for the
cosmic patriot
center of
high altitude
of his
cosmic ray research
Institute for
Cosmic Ray Research
cosmic rays reach Earth
favor of the
cropping labia
Dancing mania
Dancing Stage Fever
Danville Stadium
Darwin Espinal
Darwin Reina
Dobrin Stadium
Donnell Stadium
the job of
dropping aliens
on a sharply
falling gradient
Gnostic atheist
purple singing
goblin named Geezer
Grambling Stadium
in the Andy
Hardin stadium
who are
having great seasons
are held at
the Arena and
Hodges Stadium
The Glyn
Hopkin Stadium
at the iconic
start held at
their games at
Larkin Stadium
Macklin Stadium
Mantis alien
church minister
eldest of
Shale as
Marvin Gay Sr
also portray
father, minister
his father
his father,
minister father
separated, with
Marvin Gay, Sr
his father
Marvin Gaye Sr
ruled that
Marvin Gaye, Sr
Back central
optic radius
Patrick Fabian
Patrick Gabriel
Patrick j regan
Plastic Stadium
be a good
declaring himself a
is not a
it after a
Shakespearean actress and
Polish patriot
Polish Patriot
be accepted as
help crush the
imprison and torture
To all
Polish patriots
Stalinist Union of
the Union of
Union of
Polish Patriots
Ratcliffe Stadium
Ratliff Stadium
at the Bernie
Robbins stadium
Robbins Stadium
staunch Catholic and
Scottish patriot
side of the
the first significant
Scottish patriots
Sonic Stadium
Edwards, and
starring Craig Stevens
and Donald, co-
starring Daisy Duck
signal to any
watching aliens
Yasmin Mejias

with 2 extra syllables

He is an
He was an
himself a moderate
himself as an
agnostic atheist
Agnostic atheist
Agnostic atheists
as an
aquatic play feature
bond lengths and
non-equivalent definitions of
terms of an
that of the
atomic radius
Atomic radius
is controlled by
despotic aliens
of homicidal and
erotic mania
List of
exotic aliens
Ferraris Stadium
Phantom Agents
guitarist Graeme Beavis
guitarist named Neil Young
use longer than
Hamtramck Stadium
Health Organization
involving AIDS research
match also
involving Jay Lethal
on cases
involving Lay people
director of the
Ionic Lamia
order of the
similar atomic and
the larger metal
ionic radius
Ionic radius
Mubarak Stadium
Pragmatic atheist
anti-discrimination policy
regarding gay people
has outstanding performances
regarding laziness
he's actually a
robotic alien
List of
the Earth from
robotic aliens
the program Arrow
Symphonic Mania

with 3 extra syllables

a state of
alcoholic craziness
equal to the
using metals with
corresponding radius