exact syllable matches

end when women
became equal
That's why they
became evil
when hominids
became meat eaters
While I only
became weaker
I had always
been alien
united states have
been atheists
them has
been greatly weakened
and a
big baby butt
with the so-called
big-name people
bin Atheist
they will
bring great evil
as an ultrasonic
delay medium
the battlefield
dictate peace terms
did save people
did stadiums
displaced people
I can't
You won't
escape either
escape sequence
his crazy free verse
and fidelity to
his lady-love
his laziness
shalt call
his name JESUS
barbell slipped, crushed
his trachea
Written by
Ib Melchior
if they beat us
If they keep up
I do believe
you really believe
in aliens
can't learn
in eighteen months
is taken
in great season
with him
in Leyte Gulf
where x is
in radians
colloquial German, especially
in Swabia
apostle, for that
inane reason
with some clinically
insane people
the presidency
is 18 months
Nothing human
is alien
most power
is baby's blood
I mean, this
is craziness
is Damien
is great evil
out her arms,
is Laziness
in India
is made easier
standard Dutch term
is stadion
My name
is Talia
It's my
Israeli blood
thing as an
Israeli people
it ain't decent
to see
it change, either
bound to call
it Damien
as well call
it laziness
it made me one
it makes me come
it makes me feel worse
it may be done
It may be from
It weighs three tons
Fuck yeah
the wall -
your keys -
it's aliens
It's baby stuff
It's crazy stuff
and all
its crazy words
It's me,
it's Gabriel
It's ladies first
unusual about
its range either
it's no
kid's game either
killed eight people
at the
Midvale Steel Works
go by his
nickname Peaches
sort of black-box
quick-save feature
takeoff you must
remain seated
spoken were to
remain secret
redeemed and therefore
remains evil
that our secret
that the hatred
they are based
remains secret
Ring-tailed Lemur
and rocks and
ring-tailed lemurs
independent work in
split-brain research
still makes me love
change and all
things alien
just souped
this baby up
even at
this baby's birth
into all
is doing
this crazy stuff
beans in
can in
this crazy world
combat best
this great evil
this may be done
this place cleaned up
me here into
this stadium
must leave
this strange dreamer
this way please sir
lot more than
this, Adrian
till they see us
for a new
Twins stadium
which made me feel dumb
which makes me love
Something's wrong
with Aelita
made a masterpiece
with Alien
break protein bars
in general bonding
they stocked it
with aliens
made a masterpiece
with Aliens
By confusion
with patriot
comparable in activity
with radium
they became constant
with radius
one song
with Shaky Stevens

with 1 extra syllable

department in the Nouvelle-
Aquitaine region
Brigitte Gabriel
Cassian, Damian
What a
charming Alien
college wage premium
college wage premiums
arguments for the
cosmic patriot
error in the
cutting radius
We're Head-
Eating Aliens
Cognate to
English Adrian
See also
English gladius
of an
English lady's bubs
reasons for the
English patriot
like, really getting
which made him
even crazier
clone has no
feelings, Aelita
Frederic Amiel
a weird
fucking day people
gnostic atheist
gnostic atheists
meaning of
goblin, maybe from
this huge jellyfish
holding Aelita
of a real
Irish patriot
just go around
killing aliens
I wasn't
lying, Adrian
got a new
magic rapier
racism or
making hate speeches
bluffs and the
palisades, either
William Francis
Patrick Napier
peeing, wake me up
ruling gradient
ruling gradients
secrets stay secret
place as a
sincere patriot
for something general,
stand out as
something alien
thermobaric bomb is
Starling Stadium
these businesses are
treating aliens
of, say,
wearing baby-seal fur

with 2 extra syllables

also the
average made lethal
bloodsucking Brady Bunch
is immoral self-righteous
bullying laziness
down in that
demented cranium
seeded with rapidly
gestating aliens
with a smaller
hydraulic radius
his image and
his size to
intimidate people
peasants or other
laboring tradespeople
over to the
lunatic patriots
you will find naturally-
occurring radium
logics as a
pragmatic atheist
see closeups of
quivering labia

with 3 extra syllables

know, am I
Criticizing sapients
must track down
diminutive aliens
book on
disabling safety features
just a particularly
interesting alias
of several
naturalists named Peters
of several
naturalists named Stephens
of several
naturalists named Wheeler
of several
naturalists named Ziemann
means the
prehistoric cave creature

with 4 extra syllables

their way of
exterminating atheists
employees are underpaid,
undocumented aliens