1. Full of life and energy (synset 300808265)
    "a lively discussion"; "lively and attractive parents"; "a lively party"
  2. Full of zest or vigor (synset 302288067)
    "a racy literary style"
  3. Quick and energetic (synset 300877534)
    "a brisk walk in the park"; "a lively gait"; "a merry chase"; "traveling at a rattling rate"; "a snappy pace"; "a spanking breeze"
  4. Elastic;
    Rebounds readily (synset 300847134)
    "clean bouncy hair"; "a lively tennis ball"; "as resilient as seasoned hickory"; "springy turf"
  5. Filled with events or activity (synset 300807941)
    "a lively period in history"
  6. Full of spirit;
    Full of life (synset 300119817)
    "a dynamic full of life woman"; "a vital and charismatic leader"; "this whole lively world"

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