1. Being or characteristic of a single thing or person (synset 300495505)
    "individual drops of rain"; "please mark the individual pages"; "they went their individual ways"
  2. Separate and distinct from others of the same kind (synset 300732690)
    "mark the individual pages"; "on a case-by-case basis"
  3. Characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing (synset 302160589)
    "an individual serving"; "single occupancy"; "a single bed"
  4. Concerning one person exclusively (synset 301772598)
    "we all have individual cars"; "each room has a private bath"
  1. A human being (synset 100007846)
    "there was too much for one person to do"
  2. A single organism (synset 110223458)

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