1. Having the deep slightly brownish color of gold (synset 300371003)
    "long aureate (or golden) hair"; "a gold carpet"
  2. Marked by peace and prosperity (synset 301152698)
    "a golden era"; "the halcyon days of the clipper trade"
  3. Made from or covered with gold (synset 301532849)
    "gold coins"; "the gold dome of the Capitol"; "the golden calf"; "gilded icons"
  4. Supremely favored (synset 300674174)
    "golden lads and girls all must / like chimney sweepers come to dust"; "fortunate son"
  5. Suggestive of gold (synset 300301809)
    "a golden voice"
  6. Presaging or likely to bring good luck or a good outcome (synset 300178829)
    "a favorable time to ask for a raise"; "lucky stars"; "a prosperous moment to make a decision"

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