1. Any creature of exceptional size (synset 101326422)
  2. A person of exceptional importance and reputation (synset 109958449)
  3. An unusually large enterprise (synset 108073223)
    "Walton built a retail giant"
  4. A very large person;
    Impressive in size or qualities (synset 110148670)
  5. Someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful (synset 110148446)
  6. An imaginary figure of superhuman size and strength;
    Appears in folklore and fairy tales (synset 109511841)
  7. A very bright star of large diameter and low density (relative to the Sun) (synset 109311675)
  1. Of great mass;
    Huge and bulky (synset 301388707)
    "a jumbo jet"; "jumbo shrimp"

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