1. Having no definite form or distinct shape (synset 302159252)
    "amorphous clouds of insects"; "an aggregate of formless particles"; "a shapeless mass of protoplasm"
  2. Lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies (synset 301684942)
  3. (of a group of people or an organization) unorganized or unfocused (synset 301676810)
    "A mob is an amorphous crowd of people without ideals, a sum of individuals in which each lives for himself"
  4. Unclear because vague or badly organized (synset 300432059)
    "Her vague, amorphous statement of her predicament was part of what made it so hard for her to solve it"
  5. Without real or apparent crystalline form (synset 300270446)
    "an amorphous mineral"; "amorphous structure"

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