Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic
formerly the largest Soviet Socialist Republic in the USSR occupying eastern Europe and northern Asia
motor scooter
a wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel
the southeastern part of Papua New Guinea
sultanate and one of the 13 states that constitute the Federation of Malaysia
something resembling the tooth of an animal
climbing frame
a framework of bars or logs for children to climb on
domed stadium
a stadium that has a roof
a city of northeastern New Jersey
workshop where objects are made on a lathe
a town in southeastern Wisconsin
the line formed by measuring the hip at its greatest part
tipper lorry
truck whose contents can be emptied without handling; the front end of the platform can be pneumatically raised so that the load is discharged by gravity
a former province of northern France near the English Channel (between Picardy and Flanders)
a region of north central France including Paris and the area around it
Islamic Republic of Mauritania
a country in northwestern Africa with a provisional military government; achieved independence from France in 1960; largely western Sahara Desert
pumping station
a house where pumps (e.g. to irrigate) are installed and operated
a toilet that is available to the public
a boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront
Tower of Pharos
a great lighthouse (500 feet high) built at Alexandria in 285 BC
a town on Long Island in New York; site of Belmont Park
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