a wife or widow of a viscount
test-tube baby
a baby conceived by fertilization that occurs outside the mother's body; the woman's ova are removed and mixed with sperm in a culture medium - if fertilization occurs the blastocyte is implanted in the woman's uterus
(obstetrics) woman who has given birth to a viable infant in each of four pregnancies
a married woman (usually middle-aged with children) who is staid and dignified
an ancestor in the direct line
married man
a married man; a woman's partner in marriage
a member of a clan or tribe
best friend
the one friend who is closest to you
prince consort
a prince who is the husband of a reigning female sovereign
family man
a man whose family is of major importance in his life
great granddaughter
a daughter of your grandson or granddaughter
the husband of your mother by a subsequent marriage
a person to whom a secret is entrusted
great grandfather
a father of your grandparent
a person having kinship with another or others
an informal term for a mother who can combine childcare and full-time employment
blind date
a participant in a blind date (someone you meet for the first time when you have a date with them)
Siamese twin
one of a pair of identical twins born with their bodies joined at some point
a companion at play
an acquaintance that you go to school with
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