Nouns denoting people

Edmund Charles Edouard Genet
French diplomat who in 1793 tried to draw the United States into the war between France and England (1763-1834)
an athlete who competes in a pentathlon
(Greek mythology) a nymph who was spurned by Narcissus and pined away until only her voice remained
purchasing agent
an agent who purchases goods or services for another
John Milton Cage Jr.
United States composer of avant-garde music (1912-1992)
Philip Augustus
son of Louis VII whose reign as king of France saw wars with the English that regained control of Normandy and Anjou and most of Poitou (1165-1223)
Aloys Senefelder
German printer who invented lithography (1771-1834)
a wrestler who weighs more than 214 pounds
Ferdinand the Great
king of Castile and Leon who achieved control of the Moorish kings of Saragossa and Seville and Toledo (1016-1065)
a person who inhabits a particular place
a fashion model who has attained the status of a celebrity
a journalist who presents a story primarily through the use of photographs
a hasty eater who swallows large mouthfuls
a member of the western group of Goths who sacked Rome and created a kingdom in present-day Spain and southern France
an American who lives in the South
Robert Tyre Jones
United States golfer (1902-1971)
Hideyo Noguchi
United States bacteriologist (born in Japan) who discovered the cause of yellow fever and syphilis (1876-1928)
a Hebrew minor prophet
a qualified accountant who inspects the accounting records and practices of a business or other organization
William Hazlitt
English essayist and literary critic (1778-1830)
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