Nouns denoting people

Butcher Cumberland
English general; son of George II; fought unsuccessfully in the battle of Fontenoy (1721-1765)
a therapist who manipulates the skeleton and muscles
President Lyndon Johnson
36th President of the United States; was elected vice president and succeeded Kennedy when Kennedy was assassinated (1908-1973)
John Huston
United States film maker born in the United States but an Irish citizen after 1964 (1906-1987)
Ian Wilmut
English geneticist who succeeded in cloning a sheep from a cell from an adult ewe (born in 1944)
a person who perspires
a native or resident of Wisconsin
a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)
someone who attacks
a Roman Catholic priest who acts for another higher-ranking clergyman
Glenda Jackson
English film actress who later became a member of British Parliament (born in 1936)
John Duns Scotus
Scottish theologian who was very influential in the Middle Ages (1265-1308)
a recipient of a grant
rear admiral
an admiral junior to a vice admiral
great grandmother
a mother of your grandparent
Sherlock Holmes
a fictitious detective in stories by A. Conan Doyle
Rosa Melba Ponselle
United States soprano (1897-1981)
a scholiast who writes glosses or glossaries
embodiment in a new form (especially the reappearance or a person in another form)
a cruel and oppressive dictator
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