Nouns denoting spatial position

the central and largest of the four main islands of Japan; between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean; regarded as the Japanese mainland
an Anglo-Saxon kingdom in northern England until 876
an industrial city in northwestern Germany; flourished from the 13th to 17th century as a member of the Hanseatic League
a city in ancient Macedonia that was important in early Christianity
a town in northeastern Oklahoma
Gateway to the West
the largest city in Missouri; a busy river port on the Mississippi River near its confluence with the Missouri River; was an important staging area for wagon trains westward in the 19th century
pressure point
any of several points on the body where the pulse can be felt and where pressure on an underlying artery will control bleeding from that artery at a more distal point
Madeira Islands
a group of volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Morocco; the group forms an autonomous region of Portugal
the precise location of something; a spatially limited location
the smallest administrative district of several European countries
a city of central Sri Lanka that was the last capital of the ancient kings of Ceylon; a resort and religious center
city in central South Africa; center for diamond mining and diamond marketing
the location of something surrounded by other things
capital of New Jersey
capital of the state of New Jersey; located in western New Jersey on the Delaware river
a point where two lines (paths or arcs etc.) intersect
field of honor
the scene of a duel
the region inside the heliopause containing the sun and solar system
a large commercial and industrial city in northeastern Texas located in the heart of the northern Texas oil fields
a volcano in south central Guatemala
an important site that is marked and preserved as public property
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