Nouns denoting foods and drinks

Mornay sauce
onion-flavored creamy cheese sauce with egg yolk and grated cheese
pea soup
a thick soup made of dried peas (usually made into a puree)
dried cod soaked in a lye solution before boiling to give it a gelatinous consistency
sauce Louis
mayonnaise and heavy cream combined with chopped green pepper and green onion seasoned with chili sauce and Worcestershire sauce and lemon juice
a sweet filling made of prunes or apricots
soft roll
yeast-raised roll with a soft crust
ice cream served with a topping
carrot juice
usually freshly squeezed juice of carrots
thin slice of meat (especially veal) usually fried or broiled
Chinese cabbage
elongated head of crisp celery-like stalks and light green leaves
barbecued wing
chicken wings cooked in barbecue sauce
remoulade sauce
a mayonnaise sauce flavored with herbs and mustard and capers; served with e.g. salad and cold meat
a midday meal
egg foo yong
omelet containing onions and celery and chopped meat or fish
the dried meat of the coconut from which oil is extracted
anadama bread
a yeast-raised bread made of white flour and cornmeal and molasses
a beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water
carbo loading
a diet of foods high in starch that increases carbohydrate reserves in muscles
Jordan almond
an almond covered with a sugar coating that is hard and flavored and colored
French omelet
omelet cooked quickly and slid onto a plate
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