Nouns denoting communicative processes and contents

the nomenclature of regional anatomy
soprano clef
a clef that puts middle C on the bottom line of the staff
the Altaic language spoken by Koreans
a note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it
octal notation
any mathematical notation that uses 8 different characters (usually the digits 0 to 7)
Gheg dialect
the dialect of Albanian spoken in northern Albania and Yugoslavia
one of two classical Hindu epics; a great collection of poetry worked into and around a central heroic narrative (eight times as large as the Iliad and Odyssey combined)
a simplification that goes too far (to the point of misrepresentation)
a general summary of a subject
the 8th letter of the Roman alphabet
an imprecise or incomplete account
the bill in a restaurant
a short play
preliminary exam
an examination taken by graduate students to determine their fitness to continue
round robin
a letter signed by a number of people
Gregorian mode
any of a system of modes used in Gregorian chants up until 1600; derived historically from the Greek mode
Baltic language
a branch of the Indo-European family of languages related to the Slavonic languages; Baltic languages have preserved many archaic features that are believed to have existed in Proto-Indo European
population profile
a chart showing the number of people as a function of their ages
a group of southern Bantu languages
limited edition
an edition that is restricted to a specific number of copies
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