Nouns denoting cognitive processes and contents

a critical study (as of a writer's work)
examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease
scientific discipline
a particular branch of scientific knowledge
the area that is visible (as through an optical instrument)
the branch of anatomy that studies the bones of the vertebrate skeleton
something that is required in advance
the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of cells
an impracticable and illusory idea
a rule or law concerning a natural phenomenon or the function of a complex system
belief in the preeminence of Europe and the Europeans
studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences
originality by virtue of being unconventional
eye candy
visual images that are pleasing to see but are intellectually undemanding
New Look
a style of women's clothing created by Christian Dior in 1947; involved a tight bodice and narrow waist and a flowing pleated skirt
attractive nuisance
anything on your premises that might attract children into danger or harm
the general estimation that the public has for a person
needle biopsy
biopsy of deep tissue that is obtained through a hollow needle
Weber-Fechner law
(psychophysics) the concept that the magnitude of a subjective sensation increases proportional to the logarithm of the stimulus intensity; based on early work by E. H. Weber
the art of designing and making clocks
Hooke's law
(physics) the principle that (within the elastic limit) the stress applied to a solid is proportional to the strain produced
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