Nouns denoting cognitive processes and contents

a specific kind of something
appraisal of the biological activity of a substance by testing its effect on an organism and comparing the result with some agreed standard
an integrated set of attitudes and beliefs
(mathematics) the sum of a finite or infinite sequence of expressions
changing a square matrix to diagonal form (with all non-zero elements on the principal diagonal)
atomic theory
a theory of the structure of the atom
the first part or section of something
multiple correlation
a statistical technique that predicts values of one variable on the basis of two or more other variables
the doctrines and practices of the Presbyterian Church: based in Calvinism
personal memory
memory for episodes in your own life
a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior
aversive stimulus
any negative stimulus to which an organism will learn to make a response that avoids it
literally, the contemplation of one's navel, which is an idiom usually meaning complacent self-absorption
heretical doctrine taught by Arius that asserted the radical primacy of the Father over the Son
an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal
principle of equivalence
(physics) the principle that an observer has no way of distinguishing whether his laboratory is in a uniform gravitational field or is in an accelerated frame of reference
middle distance
the part of a scene between the foreground and the background
the ancient indigenous religion of Japan lacking formal dogma; characterized by a veneration of nature spirits and of ancestors
recall that is hypothesized to work by storing abstract features which are then used to construct the memory during recall
tissue typing
a series of diagnostic tests before an organ transplant to determine whether the tissues of a donor and recipient are compatible
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