Nouns denoting body parts

one of the digits of the foot
entrance or opening to a hollow organ or tube (especially the vaginal opening)
one of the small sacs or saclike dilations in a compound gland
glossopharyngeal nerve
sensory nerve to the pharynx and back of the tongue; motor fibers innervate muscles that elevate the pharynx and larynx; includes parasympathetic fibers to the otic ganglion
a mouth or mouthlike opening (especially one created by surgery on the surface of the body to create an opening to an internal organ)
the part of the superior limb between the elbow and the wrist
round bone
bones that are round in shape
a complex system of interconnecting cavities; concerned with hearing and equilibrium
a whitish deposit in the shape of an arc that is sometimes seen in the cornea
a structure resembling a bag in an animal
either of two masses of lymphatic tissue one on each side of the oral pharynx
tympanic vein
veins from the tympanic cavity that empty into the retromandibular vein
amine formed from histidine that stimulates gastric secretions and dilates blood vessels; released by the human immune system during allergic reactions
eccrine gland
a small sweat gland that produces only a fluid; restricted to the human skin
hypophyseal stalk
the funnel-shaped stalk connecting the pituitary gland to the hypothalamus
uterine cervix
necklike opening to the uterus
a nerve fiber that terminates on a muscle or gland and stimulates contraction or secretion
a small whitish lump in the skin due to a clogged sebaceous gland
large flaring bone forming one half of the pelvis; made up of the ilium and ischium and pubis
nasal canthus
the inner corner of the eye
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