Nouns denoting animals

leaf-nosed snake
any of various pale blotched snakes with a blunt snout of southwestern North America
Toxostoma rufums
common large songbird of eastern United States having reddish-brown plumage
Burchell's zebra
of the plains of central and eastern Africa
Liposcelis divinatorius
minute wingless psocopterous insects injurious to books and papers
a variety of leafhopper
subclass Amphineura
a class of Gastropoda
cricket frog
either of two frogs with a clicking call
genus Ensis
razor clams
Vulpes vulpes
the common Old World fox; having reddish-brown fur; commonly considered a single circumpolar species
family Crangonidae
Oriental scops owl
Asian scops owl
order Apterygiformes
a ratite bird order: flightless ground birds having vestigial wings and long bills and small eyes: kiwis
assassin bug
a true bug: long-legged predacious bug living mostly on other insects; a few suck blood of mammals
family Teredinidae
any of numerous agile ruminants related to sheep but having a beard and straight horns
genus Chilomastix
flagellates parasitic in intestines of vertebrates including humans
Ascaridia galli
intestinal parasite of domestic fowl
genus Arilus
a genus of Reduviidae
family Gomphotheriidae
elephants extinct since the Pleistocene
genus Chalcis
type genus of the Chalcididae
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