Events ("What?")

a humble request for help from someone in authority
nasogastric feeding
feeding consisting of delivering liquid nutrients through a tube passing through the nose and into the stomach
the act of exposing film to too much light or for too long a time
long division
the operation of division in which the sequence of steps are indicated in detail
the position of accountant
an act that disregards an agreement or a right
leg curling
an exercise designed to strengthen the flexor muscles of the leg
the labor of taking a load of something off of or out of a vehicle or ship or container etc.
the act of locking something up to protect it
a dive in which the diver somersaults before entering the water
surgical removal of the vermiform appendix
the division or partitioning of a cavity into parts by a septum
Thirty Years' War
a series of conflicts (1618-1648) between Protestants and Catholics starting in Germany and spreading until France and Denmark and Sweden were opposing the Holy Roman Empire and Spain
becoming open or being made open
Chinese Revolution
the republican revolution against the Manchu dynasty in China; 1911-1912
night terror
an emotional episode (usually in young children) in which the person awakens in terror with feelings of anxiety and fear but is unable to remember any incident that might have provoked those feelings
a spoken blessing
a prediction of the course of a disease
(angling) an instance of a fish taking the bait
victory lap
a lap by the winning person or team run to celebrate the victory
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