Maria Tallchief
United States ballerina who promoted American ballet through tours and television appearances (born in 1925)
Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff
composer and piano virtuoso born in Russia (1873-1943)
Sofia Scicolone
Italian film actress (born in 1934)
Antoine Domino
United States rhythm and blues pianist and singer and composer (born in 1928)
folk singer
a singer of folk songs
leading man
actor who plays the leading male role
Sarah Vaughan
United States jazz singer noted for her complex bebop phrasing and scat singing (1924-1990)
the person in charge of performances in a circus ring
Ethel Barrymore
United States actress; daughter of Maurice Barrymore and Georgiana Barrymore (1879-1959)
Cornelia Otis Skinner
United States actress noted for her one-woman shows (1901-1979)
a woman singer having a contralto voice
Judith Jamison
United States dancer and choreographer (born in 1944)
Maria Meneghini Callas
Greek coloratura soprano (born in the United States) known for her dramatic intensity in operatic roles (1923-1977)
a singer who produces a tune without opening the lips or forming words
piano player
a person who plays the piano
Maurice Chevalier
French actor and cabaret singer (1888-1972)
Dustin Hoffman
versatile United States film actor (born in 1937)
Mary Martin
United States actress (1913-1990)
Martha Graham
United States dancer and choreographer whose work was noted for its austerity and technical rigor (1893-1991)
a musician who plays a horn (especially a French horn)
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