opera star
singer of lead role in an opera
straight man
a performer who acts as stooge to a comedian
exotic dancer
a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music
a singer of madrigals
Pablo Casals
an outstanding Spanish cellist noted for his interpretation of Bach's cello suites (1876-1973)
Antoine Domino
United States rhythm and blues pianist and singer and composer (born in 1928)
Henry Wheeler Shaw
United States humorist who wrote about rural life (1818-1885)
Tammy Wynetter Pugh
United States country singer (1942-1998)
Maria Tallchief
United States ballerina who promoted American ballet through tours and television appearances (born in 1925)
a musician who plays a horn (especially a French horn)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
United States film actor; son of Douglas Elton Fairbanks, (1909-2000)
drum majorette
a female baton twirler who accompanies a marching band
Renata Tebaldi
Italian operatic soprano (born in 1922)
Arthur Rubinstein
United States pianist (born in Poland) known for his interpretations of the music of Chopin (1886-1982)
Wanda Landowska
United States harpsichordist (born in Poland) who helped to revive modern interest in the harpsichord (1879-1959)
Richard Starkey
rock star and drummer for the Beatles (born in 1940)
mimics literary or musical style for comic effect
recorder player
someone who plays the recorder
Swedish Nightingale
Swedish soprano who toured the United States under the management of P. T. Barnum (1820-1887)
a pleasing entertainer
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