flashlight fish
fish having a luminous organ beneath eye; of warm waters of the western Pacific and Puerto Rico
small (2-4 inches) pugnacious mostly scaleless spiny-backed fishes of northern fresh and littoral waters having elaborate courtship; subjects of much research
Tichodroma muriaria
crimson-and-grey songbird that inhabits town walls and mountain cliffs of southern Eurasia and northern Africa
any animals kept for use or profit
Zalophus californianus
often trained as a show animal
predatory insect of western North America having a long necklike prothorax
massive herbivorous bipedal dinosaur with a long heavy tail; common in Europe and northern Africa; early Cretaceous period
echinoderm having a flexible sausage-shaped body, tentacles surrounding the mouth and tube feet; free-living mud feeders
American breed of chicken having barred grey plumage raised for meat and brown eggs
flying fish
tropical marine fishes having enlarged winglike fins used for brief gliding flight
scorpaenid fish
any of numerous carnivorous usually bottom-dwelling warm-water marine fishes found worldwide but most abundant in the Pacific
an American breed of small compact saddle horses
Drymarchon corais couperi
a variety of indigo snake
a young mammal that has not been weaned
Colaptes chrysoides
southwestern United States bird like the yellow-shafted flicker but lacking the red neck
wild sheep
undomesticated sheep
chiefly tropical marine fishes with fleshy lips and powerful teeth; usually brightly colored
Limnodromus griseus
a dowitcher with a grey back
child's word for a sheep or lamb
jumping bristletail
wingless insect living in dark moist places as under dead tree trunks; they make erratic leaps when disturbed
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