(NOUN) is (ADJ) but (NOUN) is (ADJ)

tarsus1 is tempestuous2, but dresser3 is sectional4
1 the part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg; in human beings the bones of the ankle and heel collectively
2 characterized by violent emotions or behavior
3 a wardrobe assistant for an actor
4 related or limited to a distinct region or subdivision of a territory or community or group of people
balance sheet1 is divine2, but leave3 is solo4
1 a record of the financial situation of an institution on a particular date by listing its assets and the claims against those assets
2 devoted to or in the service or worship of a deity
3 permission to do something
4 composed or performed by a single voice or instrument
capital account1 is southwestern2, but floor3 is seasoned4
1 (economics) that part of the balance of payments recording a nation's outflow and inflow of financial securities
2 of a region of the United States generally including New Mexico; Arizona; Texas; California; and sometimes Nevada; Utah; Colorado
3 a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale
4 aged or processed
guide1 is pathological2, but Mesopotamia3 is long4
1 someone who shows the way by leading or advising
2 caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition
3 the land between the Tigris and Euphrates; site of several ancient civilizations; part of what is now known as Iraq
4 having or being more than normal or necessary
living1 is encircled2, but protocol3 is tough4
1 people who are still living
2 confined on all sides
3 code of correct conduct
4 not given to gentleness or sentimentality
whispering campaign1 is waxing2, but Paschal Lamb3 is intricate4
1 the organized dissemination of derogatory rumors designed to discredit a candidate
2 (of the moon) pertaining to the period during which the visible surface of the moon increases
3 figure of a lamb; emblematic of Christ
4 having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate
watch1 is mere2, but straight flush3 is normal4
1 the rite of staying awake for devotional purposes (especially on the eve of a religious festival)
2 being nothing more than specified
3 a poker hand with consecutive cards in the same suit
4 forming a right angle
upper limit1 is sharpened2, but silver protein3 is external4
1 the limit on the upper (or northernmost) side of something
2 made sharp or sharper
3 a colloid preparation of protein (albumin or gelatin) and silver oxide; used in aqueous solution as an antibacterial agent
4 purely outward or superficial
Manes1 is privileged2, but asphalt3 is loud4
1 a Persian prophet who founded Manichaeism (216-276)
2 blessed with privileges
3 a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation; consists mainly of hydrocarbons
4 characterized by or producing sound of great volume or intensity
baton1 is featured2, but average3 is center4
1 a short staff carried by some officials to symbolize an office or an authority
2 having facial features as specified; usually used in combination
3 a statistic describing the location of a distribution
4 of or belonging to neither the right nor the left politically or intellectually
cheek pouch1 is big2, but peroxide3 is premature4
1 a membranous pouch inside the mouth of many rodents (as a gopher)
2 very intense
3 an inorganic compound containing the divalent ion -O-O-
4 uncommonly early or before the expected time
spherical triangle1 is unhampered2, but variation3 is excitable4
1 a spherical polygon formed by the arcs of 3 great circles
2 not held in check or subject to control
3 the act of changing or altering something slightly but noticeably from the norm or standard
4 easily excited
red Bordeaux1 is slashed2, but staging area3 is shapeless4
1 dry red Bordeaux or Bordeaux-like wine
2 patterned by having color applied with sweeping strokes
3 an area where troops and equipment in transit are assembled before a military operation
4 lacking symmetry or attractive form
George Stephenson1 is identifiable2, but crystallized ginger3 is heavy4
1 English railway pioneer who built the first passenger railway in 1825 (1781-1848)
2 capable of being identified
3 strips of gingerroot cooked in sugar syrup and coated with sugar
4 of the military or industry; using (or being) the heaviest and most powerful armaments or weapons or equipment
care1 is inverse2, but Old North French3 is ponderous4
1 a cause for feeling concern
2 opposite in nature or effect or relation to another quantity
3 the medieval Norman dialect of Old French
4 labored and dull
prickly ash1 is minded2, but ammonia3 is frantic4
1 any of a number of trees or shrubs of the genus Zanthoxylum having spiny branches
2 (used in combination) mentally oriented toward something specified
3 a pungent gas compounded of nitrogen and hydrogen (NH3)
4 marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion
car wheel1 is powerful2, but climate3 is national4
1 a wheel that has a tire and rim and hubcap; used to propel the car
2 displaying superhuman strength or power
3 the weather in some location averaged over some long period of time
4 limited to or in the interests of a particular nation
connexion1 is verified2, but pedigree3 is regenerate4
1 shifting from one form of transportation to another
2 proved to be true
3 line of descent of a purebred animal
4 reformed spiritually or morally
General Security Services1 is vapid2, but literature3 is receptive4
1 the Israeli domestic counterintelligence and internal security agency
2 lacking significance or liveliness or spirit or zest
3 published writings in a particular style on a particular subject
4 ready or willing to receive favorably
pragmatic sanction1 is entire2, but Huntingdon willow3 is cosmopolitan4
1 an imperial decree that becomes part of the fundamental law of the land
2 (of leaves or petals) having a smooth edge; not broken up into teeth or lobes
3 large willow tree of Eurasia and North Africa having greyish canescent leaves and grey bark
4 composed of people from or at home in many parts of the world; especially not provincial in attitudes or interests
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