(NOUN) is (ADJ) but (NOUN) is (ADJ)

skin1 is secure2, but Citation3 is outlaw4
1 the rind of a fruit or vegetable
2 free from danger or risk
3 thoroughbred that won the triple crown in 1948
4 disobedient to or defiant of law
hearing1 is churlish2, but official emissary3 is stern4
1 the act of hearing attentively
2 rude and boorish
3 a member of a legation
4 severe and unremitting in making demands
Devonshire cream1 is thrilled2, but sponsorship3 is suspended4
1 thick cream made from scalded milk
2 feeling intense pleasurable excitement
3 the act of sponsoring (either officially or financially)
4 (of undissolved particles in a fluid) supported or kept from sinking or falling by buoyancy and without apparent attachment
billow1 is dorsal2, but officer's mess3 is destroyed4
1 a large sea wave
2 belonging to or on or near the back or upper surface of an animal or organ or part
3 a mess for the exclusive use of officers
4 spoiled or ruined or demolished
Roman architecture1 is flattering2, but capital of San Marino3 is virulent4
1 the architecture of ancient Rome
2 showing or representing to advantage
3 the capital and only city of San Marino
4 infectious; having the ability to cause disease
screw tree1 is immaterial2, but bearing3 is stiff4
1 a tree or shrub of the genus Helicteres
2 (often followed by `to') lacking importance; not mattering one way or the other
3 a rotating support placed between moving parts to allow them to move easily
4 not moving or operating freely
Red Planet1 is mutinous2, but time of day3 is cold4
1 a small reddish planet that is the 4th from the sun and is periodically visible to the naked eye; minerals rich in iron cover its surface and are responsible for its characteristic color
2 consisting of or characterized by or inciting to mutiny
3 clock time
4 marked by errorless familiarity
Australian grass tree1 is desecrated2, but aspen3 is childish4
1 stout Australian shrub with narrow leaves crowded at ends of branches and terminal clusters of white or pink flowers
2 treated with disrespect and contempt
3 any of several trees of the genus Populus having leaves on flattened stalks so that they flutter in the lightest wind
4 indicating a lack of maturity
universe of discourse1 is memorable2, but Worcestershire sauce3 is done4
1 everything stated or assumed in a given discussion
2 worth remembering
3 a savory sauce of vinegar and soy sauce and spices
4 cooked until ready to serve
bitter end1 is confined2, but Far East3 is literal4
1 (nautical) the inboard end of a line or cable especially the end that is wound around a bitt
2 not invading healthy tissue
3 a popular expression for the countries of eastern Asia (usually including China and Mongolia and Taiwan and Japan and Korea and Indochina and eastern Siberia)
4 limited to the explicit meaning of a word or text
agent1 is antique2, but rift3 is completed4
1 an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect
2 made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age
3 a narrow fissure in rock
4 (of a marriage) completed by the first act of sexual intercourse after the ceremony
complex1 is rugged2, but scattering3 is prior4
1 a whole structure (as a building) made up of interconnected or related structures
2 topographically very uneven
3 the physical process in which particles are deflected haphazardly as a result of collisions
4 earlier in time
cannon1 is inclined2, but inheritance3 is burdensome4
1 a large artillery gun that is usually on wheels
2 at an angle to the horizontal or vertical position
3 hereditary succession to a title or an office or property
4 not easily borne; wearing
resisting arrest1 is unaffected2, but string section3 is coral4
1 physical efforts to oppose a lawful arrest; the resistance is classified as assault and battery upon the person of the police officer attempting to make the arrest
2 free of artificiality; sincere and genuine
3 the section of an orchestra that plays stringed instruments
4 of a strong pink to yellowish-pink color
allegory1 is peremptory2, but pipe bomb3 is kind4
1 an expressive style that uses fictional characters and events to describe some subject by suggestive resemblances; an extended metaphor
2 putting an end to all debate or action
3 a small homemade bomb usually contained in a metal pipe
4 having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature; used especially of persons and their behavior
craze1 is manageable2, but Gerald Rudolph Ford3 is directed4
1 state of violent mental agitation
2 capable of being managed or controlled
3 38th President of the United States; appointed vice president and succeeded Nixon when Nixon resigned (1913-2006)
4 manageable by a supervising agent
curiosity1 is aggregate2, but naturalism3 is clapped out4
1 a state in which you want to learn more about something
2 composed of a dense cluster of separate units such as carpels or florets or drupelets
3 an artistic movement in 19th century France; artists and writers strove for detailed realistic and factual description
4 worn from age or heavy use and no longer able to operate (of cars or machines or people)
capital of Afghanistan1 is terrific2, but conducting3 is solicitous4
1 the capital and largest city of Afghanistan; located in eastern Afghanistan
2 very great or intense
3 the way of administering a business
4 full of anxiety and concern
heavy weapon1 is out to2, but option3 is tactful4
1 large but transportable armament
2 fixed in your purpose
3 one of a number of things from which only one can be chosen
4 having or showing a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others
hood1 is quiet2, but death3 is shapely4
1 the folding roof of a carriage
2 (of the sun) characterized by a low level of surface phenomena, such as sunspots
3 the permanent end of all life functions in an organism or part of an organism
4 having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape
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