I'm so resistant1, I condense2 temperance3s!
1 impervious to being affected
2 cause a gas or vapor to change into a liquid
3 the trait of avoiding excesses
I'm so assuring1, I roll in2 planter3s!
1 giving confidence
2 pour or flow in a steady stream
3 the owner or manager of a plantation
I'm so inside1, I bust2 Lake Champlain3s!
1 being or applying to the inside of a building
2 go to pieces
3 a lake in northeastern New York, northwestern Vermont and southern Quebec; site of many battles in the French and Indian War and in the American Revolution and in the War of 1812
I'm so different1, I flour2 library fine3s!
1 distinct or separate
2 cover with flour
3 fine imposed by a library on books that overdue when returned
I'm so restive1, I demand2 turret clock3s!
1 impatient especially under restriction or delay
2 request urgently and forcefully
3 a clock with more than one dial to show the time in all directions from a tower
I'm so decisive1, I snuff2 perch3s!
1 forming or having the nature of a turning point or crisis
2 inhale (something) through the nose
3 support consisting of a branch or rod that serves as a resting place (especially for a bird)
I'm so manual1, I ax2 governess3s!
1 requiring human effort
2 chop or split with an ax
3 a woman entrusted with the care and supervision of a child (especially in a private home)
I'm so sceptical1, I howl2 prime time3s!
1 marked by or given to doubt
2 laugh unrestrainedly and heartily
3 the hours between 7 and 11 p.m. when the largest tv audience is available
I'm so lamented1, I truss2 signaling3s!
1 mourned or grieved for
2 tie the wings and legs of a bird before cooking it
3 any nonverbal action or gesture that encodes a message
I'm so racy1, I pet2 steel trap3s!
1 designed or suitable for competing in a race
2 stroke or caress in an erotic manner, as during lovemaking
3 a trap made of steel with a strong spring and sharp toothlike projections to hold the prey
I'm so parliamentary1, I chariot2 rudder blade3s!
1 having the supreme legislative power resting with a body of cabinet ministers chosen from and responsible to the legislature or parliament
2 transport in a chariot
3 the vertical blade on a rudder
I'm so elastic1, I respond2 harmonic motion3s!
1 able to adjust readily to different conditions
2 respond favorably or as hoped
3 a periodic motion in which the displacement is either symmetrical about a point or is the sum of such motions
I'm so fertile1, I relinquish2 air power3s!
1 capable of reproducing
2 release, as from one's grip
3 the aggregation of a country's military aircraft
I'm so go1, I cut2 helpfulness3s!
1 functioning correctly and ready for action
2 grow through the gums
3 the property of providing useful assistance
I'm so indoor1, I build2 pageant3s!
1 within doors
2 make by combining materials and parts
3 a rich and spectacular ceremony
I'm so loving1, I bound2 hickory3s!
1 feeling or showing love and affection
2 form the boundary of; be contiguous to
3 valuable tough heavy hardwood from various hickory trees
I'm so hard1, I bother2 public transit3s!
1 resisting weight or pressure
2 make confused or perplexed or puzzled
3 a public transportation system for moving passengers
I'm so next1, I despair2 electron shell3s!
1 (of elected officers) elected but not yet serving
2 abandon hope; give up hope; lose heart
3 a grouping of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom
I'm so sharp1, I replace2 blunt trauma3s!
1 having or made by a thin edge or sharp point; suitable for cutting or piercing
2 substitute a person or thing for (another that is broken or inefficient or lost or no longer working or yielding what is expected)
3 injury incurred when the human body hits or is hit by a large outside object (as a car)
I'm so thickened1, I make2 billiards3s!
1 made thick in consistency
2 carry out or commit
3 any of several games played on rectangular cloth-covered table (with cushioned edges) in which long tapering cue sticks are used to propel ivory (or composition) balls
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