out1 unconvinced2
1 from one's possession
2 lacking conviction
fatally1 foul2
1 with fatal consequences or implications
2 (of a baseball) not hit between the foul lines
persistently1 Hollywood2
1 in a persistent manner
2 flashy and vulgar
magically1 per capita2
1 in a magical manner
2 per person
worst1 conformable2
1 to the highest degree of inferiority or badness
2 quick to comply
less1 gracious2
1 used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs
2 characterized by charm, good taste, and generosity of spirit
longer1 harnessed2
1 for more time
2 brought under control and put to use
deathly1 unimpeachable2
1 to a degree resembling death
2 beyond doubt or reproach
at long last1 tethered2
1 as the end result of a succession or process
2 confined or restricted with or as if with a rope or chain
foremost1 unfriendly2
1 before anything else
2 not disposed to friendship or friendliness
aloft1 unclear2
1 upward
2 not clear to the mind
in the air1 floating2
1 on everybody's mind
2 (of a part of the body) not firmly connected; movable or out of normal position
therewith1 aggressive2
1 with that or this or it
2 having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends
later1 precious2
1 at some eventual time in the future
2 of high worth or cost
aback1 right2
1 by surprise
2 of or belonging to the political or intellectual right
unofficially1 informed2
1 not in an official capacity
2 having much knowledge or education
quarterly1 unpalatable2
1 in diagonally opposed quarters of an escutcheon
2 not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind
briefly1 dry2
1 for a short time
2 lacking warmth or emotional involvement
professionally1 pitched2
1 in a professional manner
2 set at a slant
down1 purifying2
1 in an inactive or inoperative state
2 acting like an antiseptic
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