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1 Syllable: S
5, 9, aisle, ay, aye, bide, bight, bile, bind, bite, blight, blind, blithe, bribe, bride, bright, brine, bryce, buy, by, bye, chi, chide, child, child's, chime, christ, christ's, cite, climb, clime, clive, clyde, cried, cries, crime, cry, dial, dice, die, dike, dime, dine, dive, dried, dries, drive, dry, dwight, dye, dyke, ein, eine, eye, fi, fide, fie, fife, fight, file, find, fine, five, flies, flight, fly, fried, fright, fry, giles, glide, grind, guide, guile, guise, guy, haec, height, heine, hi, hide, hie, high, hike, hind, hive, hyde, i, ice, ide, ike, ille, i's, ise, isle, ives, jive, kai, kind, kite, klein, knife, knight, knives, lice, lie, life, life's, light, like, lime, line, lisle, lite, lithe, live, lye, mai, mice, might, mike, mild, mile, mime, mind, mine, mite, my, nice, nigh, night, nile, nine, ninth, phi, pi, pie, pike, pile, pine, pint, pipe, plied, plies, plight, ply, price, pride, prime, prise, prize, pry, quite, reich, rheims, rhine, rhyme, rial, rice, ride, ries, rife, right, rime, rind, ripe, rise, rite, rive, rye, sai, sci, scribe, scries, scythe, sein, shine, shrine, shy, side, sigh, sight, sign, sine, site, size, skies, sky, sleight, slice, slide, slight, slime, sly, smile, smite, smyth, snipe, spice, spied, spies, spike, spine, spite, spy, stein, stile, stride, strife, strike, stripe, strive, sty, style, swine, sykes, tai, thai, thigh, thine, thrice, thrive, thy, thyme, tice, tide, tie, tight, tile, timed, times, tine, tithe, tri, trial, tribe, trie, trite, try, trying, twice, twine, ty, tyne, type, vial, vice, vide, vie, vile, vine, vise, vive, wai, weil, weiss, while, whilst, whine, white, whitened, whites, why, wide, wife, wife's, wight, wild, wilde, wilds, wile, wind, wine, wipe, wise, wives, wright, wright's, write, wry, zeit
2 Syllables: SU
2 Syllables: US
3 Syllables: SUU
3 Syllables: UUS

Found 478 words across 5 groupings. Skipped 229 excess words of a similar stem.