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1 Syllable: S
8, a, abe, ace, ache, ade, age, aid, aide, aids, ail, aim, aime, aims, ait, aix, ale, ame, ane, ape, a's, ate, ay, baal, babe, bade, bail, bain, bait, bake, bale, bane, base, bass, bate, bathe, bay, blade, blake, blame, blaze, brace, braid, brain, brake, brave, bray, break, cache, cage, cain, cake, came, cane, cape, case, cate, cave, chafe, chain, chaise, change, chase, chaste, chez, claim, clay, craig, crane, crape, crates, crave, craze, dale, dame, dane, date, dave, day, dazed, deign, des, dey, drain, drake, draped, eight, eighth, face, fade, fail, fain, faint, fait, faith, fake, fame, fane, fate, fay, feign, feint, fete, flail, flake, flame, flayed, frail, frame, fray, freight, gage, gain, gainst, gait, gale, game, gaol, gape, gate, gauge, gave, gay, gaze, glade, glaze, grace, grade, grain, grange, grape, grate, grave, gray, gray's, graze, great, grey, hague, hail, hale, haste, hate, hay, haye, haynes, hays, haze, hey, jade, jail, james, jane, jay, kane, kate, kay, knave, lace, laid, lain, lake, lame, lane, late, lathe, lave, lay, lea, lei, les, ley, mace, made, maid, mail, maimed, main, maine, mains, mais, maize, make, male, mane, mate, may, maze, mei, nail, name, nape, nate, nave, nay, neigh, ney, ole, pace, page, paid, pail, pain, paine, pains, paint, pale, pane, paste, pate, pave, pay, payne, pays, pei, phase, phrase, place, plague, plain, plaint, plait, plane, plate, play, praise, pray, prey, quail, quaint, quake, quays, race, rae, rage, raid, rail, rain, raise, rake, range, rape, rate, rave, ray, razed, reign, rein, reine, reins, res, rey, safe, sage, sail, saint, sake, sale, salle, same, sane, sate, save, say, scale, scape, scrape, sei, seine, shade, shake, shale, shame, shape, shave, skate, skein, slain, slate, slave, slay, sleigh, snail, snake, space, spade, spain, spain's, spake, spate, sprague, spray, st, sta, stage, staid, stain, stake, stale, state, stave, stay, steak, straight, strain, strait, strange, stray, swain, sway, tail, tain, taint, tait, take, tale, tame, tape, taste, tate, tay, they, trace, trade, trail, train, trait, tray, tre, twain, vague, vail, vain, vale, valle, vane, vase, veil, vein, wade, wage, wail, waist, wait, waive, wake, wales, wane, waste, wave, way, wayne, ways, weigh, weight, whale, whate, yale, yates, yea
2 Syllables: SU
2 Syllables: US
abate, ablaze, abstain, acclaim, acquaint, affray, aflame, afraid, again, against, allay, amaze, apace, appraise, arcade, arraigned, arrange, array, ashamed, assail, assuage, astray, attain, avail, await, awake, away, ballet, became, behave, betake, betray, betrayal, betrayed, betrays, bewail, blockade, bombay, bouquet, brigade, brocade, cafe, calais, campaign, cascade, champagne, champaign, champlain, chine, cliche, cocaine, complain, complaint, constrain, constraint, contain, convey, create, crusade, curates, curtail, curtained, debase, debate, decay, declaim, defaced, defray, degrade, delay, depraved, deranged, detailed, detain, dilate, disclaim, disdain, disgrace, dismay, displace, display, dissuade, distaste, domain, efface, elaine, email, embrace, encased, engage, engraved, enraged, enslave, entail, equate, erase, escape, essayed, estate, estranged, evade, exchange, exclaim, exhale, explain, fillet, fontaine, forbade, forgave, forsake, francais, germain, germane, grenades, halfway, hervey, homemade, humane, impaled, inane, inflame, inflate, ingrained, inhale, innate, insane, invade, inveighed, irate, jose, lightweight, lorraine, mackay, maclean, maintain, malaise, mckay, mclean, mislaid, misplaced, mistake, montaigne, mundane, negate, obey, obtain, ok, okay, opaque, ordain, ornate, outweighed, palais, parade, partake, passe, persuade, pertain, pervade, poitiers, portray, portrayal, portrayed, portrays, prearranged, prevail, proclaim, profane, rearrange, reclaim, refrain, regain, regale, relate, remain, renamed, rene, repaid, repay, replace, restate, restrain, restraint, retain, retake, retrace, sedate, sustain, terrain, tirade, today, translate, travail, ukraine, unchanged, unfeigned, unnamed, unpaid, unsafe, unscathed, unstained, untamed, untrained, unveil, upraised, urbane, valet, versailles, vouchsafed
3 Syllables: SUU
3 Syllables: UUS
4 Syllables: UUUS

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